/ Domo and Snowflake, part 2: Leveraging intelligent apps

Despite more than a decade of digital transformation and the accelerating importance of data-based decision-making, enterprises far too often stumble when it comes to putting data into practice.   
The simple reason is that not everyone in an organization has the skills or time to develop even low-code or no-code queries—even though they recognize the benefit of having the clarity those queries provide. 
No matter how comprehensive the data collection, and no matter how efficiently new data is ingested, no enterprise data warehouse (EDW) can, by itself, remove the bottleneck that limits the use of that data by employees. 
This is where intelligent applications become crucial. Intelligent apps help provide organization-wide clarity by streamlining the delivery of insights and putting those insights into the hands of those who need them.  
If sellers would benefit from understanding what their bonus will look like from a complicated technology sale, intelligent apps can help. If managers want to have store-specific information that combines inventory with demand fluctuations relative to local COVID-19 rates and business restrictions, intelligent apps can provide that visibility. 
In many ways, intelligent apps are the ultimate democratization of data, as they help to unlock the skills and motivations of some employees to benefit the organization as a whole—even those who never encountered the data directly themselves. 
Of course, all of this depends on making sure the data is where it needs to be and can be accessed on demand. This is where Domo’s deep integration with Snowflake really delivers. Once you connect Domo to your databases, you will have access to Domo’s entire connector library to write data into Snowflake. 

You can also connect to external sources through Domo, thanks to more than 1,000 connectors, APIS, and Domo’s Integration Studio. So, Snowflake databases that were once challenging to access for business users can now power real-time business applications that move the needle.

Indeed, datasets that wouldn’t normally co-exist are suddenly put in conversation with each other, allowing intelligent apps to transform that conversation from something novel into something essential. 
All of this also opens the door to data curiosity, and therefore a much more modern approach to BI—one that not only works for everyone and supports the goal of reducing the overall rigidity and friction that attends more traditional ways of approaching data warehousing and business intelligence, but leads to well-informed action, where users are put in control of decisions and complex and menial tasks are eliminated.
To learn more about how to shift your own perspectives, and to take advantage of modern BI for all, download this whitepaper about Domo’s unique integration with Snowflake and how it can benefit your organization. To check out part 1 of this blog series, click here.

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