/ 3 keys to creating unforgettable customer experiences

There’s one thing that differentiates the giants from the crowd: their experiences.

Whether you’re B2B, B2C, or straddling the line in between, more and more focus is being put on the customer experience. And let’s face it, customers are expecting more from the companies they buy from. In fact, this focus on being customer-centric is what Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, attributes to their massive success.

You can’t afford to simply meet the experiences your customers expect. To see the kind of success that turns ad clicks into massive deals or browsers into return shoppers, you need to fine-tune every decision along the way.

Here are 3 ways to deliver amazing experiences:

Create a single view of the customer

When you have customer data coming from multiple sources, it’s hard not to let some of that info fall through the cracks. Companies need an easy way to see all relevant data on a customer to create a single, 360 degree view. A system that can integrate disparate information from everything from CRMs to social interactions into a single view, allows reps and agents to meet every customer’s needs, including answering questions and solve problems quicker, and providing recommendations that boost customer success.

Personalize at every touch point

Does your customer check email on mobile? Is your prospect a huge Cubs fan? Every bit is important information, giving you the ability to personalize every interaction your customers have with your company, whether that’s a sales call, email, ad, social post, or site visit. By analyzing the data behind every interaction, you go beyond A/B testing or lead scoring. You can get a far more complete picture of the person behind every form fill, website visit, or social interaction. You’re then equipped to predict future behavior and serve up the experiences they’re most likely to respond to and engage with.

Be committed to deliver

The speed of business is hitting insane rates, and customers expect companies to keep up. A commitment to the success of your customer—and the power to deliver on it—is the differentiator that turns ad clicks into subscribers and browsers into return customers. But how do companies keep up? Being able to see live data on every customer at any given time is key, as is eliminating manual processes that slow down customer response rates. But AI and machine-learning can also aid companies analyze customer data and suggest experiences—and products—customers need to succeed.

Domo connects all your vital customer information from every data source in your company, whether it’s CRM, sales rep performance, point of sale, social, or marketing data. You get the instant insights you need to make decisions that deliver experiences, and the power of machine-learning to take it above and beyond.

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