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Many of us don’t face life-or-death situations in our work. But some of us do. We make decisions every day that affect the health, safety, and well-being of others. You may be helping patients recover from surgery. You could be managing a construction site, making sure your workers stay safe. Or you might work in marketing for a nonprofit that supports children around the world.  

Whatever the context, your decisions affect people’s lives. That means the structures supporting those decisions—the data, software, insights, and tools—are critical to keeping everyone safe and healthy.  

Domo is one of those structures. Our customers partner with us in different ways, with different tools. Today, we’re exploring five unique stories of organizations using Domo to save lives and support well-being. 


Safety Mojo: What if data could help more workers return home safely? 

What Safety Mojo (formerly Edify) does: Safety Mojo’s technology provides actionable insights to stakeholders, allowing them to change frontline behavior, reduce workplace injuries in high-risk environments, and decrease claims and insurance costs. 

Team: Product 

Domo tools: Domo’s AI Service Layer + Domo Bricks + Domo Everywhere  

Key result: Instead of clicking through forms and dashboards, workers in the field can speak directly to Mojo AI’s app and get answers instantly.   

Favorite quote: “As soon as we started implementing the Domo dashboards, [our customers] could see what they wanted and get it very quickly. They tell us that, literally every Monday morning—their leadership teams all over the country pull up their dashboards to discover what they can do to reduce the likelihood of somebody getting hurt that week.” 

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Regional One Health: What if data could help a busy health system work as one? 

What Regional One does: Regional One Health, located in Memphis, Tennessee, treats the most critically injured patients as the level-1 trauma center and designated full-service burn center for the Mid-South.  

Team: Business intelligence 

Domo tool: Custom app building 

Key result: Regional One Health built an app, available in the Domo Appstore, for healthcare organizations to connect clinical and nonclinical data to monitor KPIs and improve operations.  

Favorite quote: “We’re a busy trauma center, so our physicians need to be taking care of patients, not sitting in meetings. At the same time, we understand the need to focus on efficiency and driving improvement. Domo gives us the ability to identify roadblocks in real time.” 

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Konica Minolta Healthcare: What if data could enhance imaging insights?

What Konica Minolta does: Radiologists using Konica Minolta Healthcare equipment were hampered by a manual process for collecting device usage data. 

Team: Operations 

Domo tool: Domo Everywhere 

Key result: Radiologists are working smarter and improving patients’ experiences using Konica Minolta’s AeroRemote Insights tool, powered by Domo Everywhere.   

Favorite quote: “It improves the patient experience by helping our techs learn how to get different views correctly the first time. The more competent our techs are, the less radiation it is for the patient, and the faster a quality image can get to a doctor.” 

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Dr. Consulta: What if data could help people live healthier lives? 

What Dr. Consulta does: Dr. Consulta is a Brazil-based healthcare company dedicated to providing high-quality, low-cost care through more than 50 medical centers across the country. 

Team: Finance 

Domo tool: Data visualization 

Key result: Dr. Consulta improved the speed and quality of care while decreasing administrative overhead by 50% and increasing patient satisfaction scores. 

Favorite quote: “By moving from a culture of opinions to a culture of facts, we’ve been able to make faster, smarter decisions to add much more value for our patients and the company.” 

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Layton Construction: What if data could keep employees safe and keep projects on track? 

What Layton Construction does: Layton Construction is a Utah-based commercial contractor with projects all over the country. The company is improving the built world by providing predictability in an industry that’s anything but predictable. 

Team: Information systems 

Domo tools: Data science solutions for predictive analytics and automation 

Key result: Layton used data to decrease the company’s incident rate by a whopping 50%, revealing how data has undoubtedly saved lives and reduced injuries.  

Favorite quote: “We now have the ability to analyze the data a lot more quickly…the model is actually learning as we’re going.” 

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