“Our leaders now see the data they need to manage their day-to-day operations and drive decisions.”

Allison Vance

Chief of Staff

Located in Memphis, Tennessee, Regional One Health provides inpatient and surgical care along with Centers of Excellence including trauma, burn, neonatal intensive care and high-risk obstetrics. The system also provides primary care and specialty outpatient services in multiple locations across the community.


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Regional One Health had a mission to become a data-driven organization, but struggled with 100+ systems siloed across its departments and clinical specialties.

Domo allowed the health system to connect and share its data to measure everything from finances to operational measures like capacity and wait times.

Domo is now used by clinical and non-clinical leaders across the organization to help the hospital improve care and lower costs.


Regional One Health creates a data-driven culture with Domo.

In 1829, the Tennessee Legislature designated $3,300 to build the Memphis Hospital in an effort to halt the spread of disease from sick travelers coming through the city via the Mississippi River. Now known as Regional One Health, the hospital system is the oldest in Tennessee; however, its mission remains as vital to the city’s health today as it did more than 190 years ago.

“We care for some of the most traumatic and challenging cases, often with the highest profile and highest risk,” said Dr. Reginald Coopwood, President and CEO of Regional One Health.


“We are on a path to becoming a premier healthcare system, and one of the ways to accomplish that is by becoming a data-driven organization.”

Dr. Reginald Coopwood | President and CEO


In 2018, Dr. Coopwood challenged his organization to transform the health system by digitizing the way they deliver health. By incorporating high-tech, innovative medical services and leveraging data in new ways throughout the organization, Regional One Health wanted to prepare the health system to serve the needs of Memphis for decades to come. However, with nearly 200 years of history and nine locations spread across Shelby County, it’s easy to imagine how many disjointed, siloed systems the hospital had in place.

“I remember my first day on the job,” said Niranjani Radhakrishnan, Director of Regional One Health’s Center for Information & Analytics. “I spent hours orienting myself to the hundred different systems we had, which metrics were collected, and how they were even connected with each other. Most of all, I just remember all of the paper and spreadsheets everywhere.”

A healthy dose of data.

Regional One Health chose Domo in order to tie all its data systems together and automatically centralize its key healthcare success metrics. Dashboards and tools help their clinical and non-clinical leaders, along with frontline staff, make daily decisions that impact the organization’s financial and clinical performance. And because the data is automatically collected and shared in real time, there is now more trust in the data than when spreadsheets and paper were being sent back and forth.

Domo is used from finance to clinical departments to improve insight and care. “Our emergency department has been utilizing Domo to monitor clinical and operational measures like capacity and wait times,” said Dr. Kito Lord, Director of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Regional One Health.


“Domo has been essential for improving our throughput and our processes. It’s one thing to think you’re doing a good job, but another thing to measure it.”

Dr. Kito Lord | Director of the Department of Emergency Medicine


Thanks to Domo, the hospital’s analytics team has become the go-to source for improving operations. By using Domo to integrate EMR systems and pull in more data, clinical departments have been able to use their newfound insights to reduce hospital-acquired infections and other harm events, such as pressure ulcers. Radhakrishnan and her team have also been able to use Domo to collaborate more with the hospital’s Center of Innovation to deliver value to every department.

“As our teams have started collaborating more closely around creating additional value-add on Domo, we’ve skyrocketed buy-in and usage,” said Allie Alvarez, Director of the Center of Innovation at Regional One Health. “What started as one or two simple pages about harm events and length of stay have transformed into a full, interactive metrics dashboard that combines high-level and detailed data tracking turnover, patient satisfaction, length of stay, harm events, expenses, and labor costs.”

Follow the leader.

“Our leaders now see the data they need to manage their day-to-day operations and drive decisions that have really led us to make huge organizational changes,” said Allison Vance, Chief of Staff at Regional One Health. One example Vance shared is an initiative to increase the use of the health system’s pharmacy across the organization. Department leaders can see their individual progress to better understand the actions to take to meet their goals by the end of the year. In addition, Vance shared that Domo helped the hospital meet its goal to reduce its average patient stay duration, resulting in millions of dollars saved and a better patient experience.

“We make real-time decisions based on the power of the data that we are able to see in Domo,” Vance said.

Regional One Health has transformed from a culture of paper to a digital-first organization. In fact, it is now using its learnings to create unique solutions on the Domo Appstore for healthcare organizations facing similar data needs. The healthcare suite of tools is built to deliver key metrics for hospital and patient success so other organizations can communicate and engage with data when making daily decisions.


“Our pre-built package will empower healthcare organizations to begin their own data journey.”

Allie Alvarez | Director of the Center of Innovation


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