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Business Dashboards

The Challenge.

Dashboards promise to solve a host of business problems, and they do—as long as they’re spotlighting the right numbers. But sometimes the most important metrics are the hardest to measure, and the complications don’t stop there:

  • Integrating new data sources is time-intensive
  • Building and modifying visualizations can be overwhelming
  • Getting everyone access to the same data is a hassle

The Domo Solution.

With Domo’s enterprise business management platform, you can:

  • Connect: Instantly connect to 100s of data sources without any coding
  • Prepare Combine data easily with simple drag-and-drop actions
  • Visualize: Create intuitive, dynamic visualizations in just minutes
  • Engage: Collaborate right where the data lives with anyone in your organization
  • Optimize: Give everyone the ability to make better decisions

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