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Domo saves us from doubt. We don’t have to question where the data is coming from and if it is accurate. We’ve taken the manual processes out of it, and now we can focus on results.

Jim Slagle, Sr. Director, Business Intelligence &
Data Analytics
Jim Slagle
Sr. Director, Business Intelligence &
Data Analytics

Before Domo, we had no way to see how each part of our business affected each other. I felt like a CEO with a blindfold on. Domo allows me, as a CEO, to focus on the things that matter and ignore all the things that are happening just like they are supposed to.

Stance, Jeff Kearl, CEO
Jeff Kearl

I was hooked the first time I opened the app on my phone. Real-time, anywhere in the world, in my back pocket, I had access.”

Traeger, Jeremy Andrus, CEO
Jeremy Andrus

Adopting Domo into La-Z-Boy’s infrastructure has put informative material in the hands of the entire company.

Erika Janowicz, Business Intelligence & Data Manager
Erika Janowicz
Business Intelligence & Data Manager

When the metrics are telling us something is wrong or something is going well, we can identify and act on it very quickly. Our data is delivered to us in a very automated, easily consumable way.

Andrew Monk, Director of Business Intelligence
Andrew Monk
Director of Business Intelligence

We migrated our data warehouse and rebuilt into a hybrid of using AWS and Domo’s data warehousing capabilities. It now takes 15 minutes to reprocess every single record in the entire data warehouse—that is 1.4 billion rows of data.

Adam Skinner, Chief Information Officer
Adam Skinner
Chief Information Officer