Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Scentsy, An International Fragrance Company, Illuminates Its Business With Domo

Domo Helps Scentsy’s Executives Rapidly Gain Critical Business Insights and Make Better Decisions Through Easier and More Powerful Access to Data

SILICON SLOPES, Utah – August 6, 2013 – Scentsy, an international leader in fragrance and fashion, is smelling success with Domo’s new approach to business intelligence. Scentsy is using Domo to deliver a highly visual and consolidated view of the business that’s packed with the critical information Scentsy executives need to make more effective and efficient business decisions.

Headquartered in Meridian, ID, Scentsy has annual sales of $559 million with 1,100 employees and more than 181,000 direct sales consultants around the globe.

Prior to Domo, it was nearly impossible for Scentsy executives to easily uncover information and insights that addressed their personal business requirements. The information they needed resided in disparate systems, and standard reports were typically generic and lacked the depth and detail each executive needed to make real-time business decisions. “The ability to derive the customized data that we needed was fairly non-existent,” says Tyler Compton, Executive Vice President, Grace Adele, a Scentsy family brand.

Since choosing Domo, Scentsy has centralized multiple data sources including databases, spreadsheets and web analytics data in Domo. Domo now delivers relevant information in a highly graphical form that is tailored to the individual needs of each executive.

“I’m not a programmer or a technical person, but once our data was in Domo, I literally was able to create 30 dif­ferent KPIs specific to the brand I manage,” says Compton. “I did it all within a couple minutes for each KPI, with no training at all.”

Compton now receives highly accurate and eye-popping data that is having a profound impact on the decisions he makes. For instance, Compton recently created a KPI to look at geographic sales for the brand he manages, which includes handbags, accessories and jewelry. He immediately noticed he had made the wrong decision by cutting a certain line of jewelry that was performing well in one particular region of the country.

“I instantly saw on my screen that this region was screaming off the map,” says Compton. “I always had plenty of sales data, but before Domo I couldn’t see the story the data was wanting to tell.” He quickly reinstated that jewelry collection, thus narrowly avoiding a negative financial impact on the business.

Currently Scentsy’s full executive team — including the CEO, president, CFO, chief legal officer and brand executives — is using Domo. With everyone on board, Scentsy executives are aligned around the same information. They can now spend less time reconciling the data, and more time making strategic decisions based on the information they have.

Scentsy’s IT team is also deeply impressed with the effortless integration of the Domo platform. “Every vendor talks about seamless integration, and frankly our technical team was doubtful that it was true,” says Compton. “But they were happily surprised that the integration really was as easy as advertised.”

The mobility features inherent in Domo are also a big plus for Scentsy’s executive team. “I do everything on my smart phone or tablet, so mobility is huge for me,” says Compton. “Not having to wait for a PDF or spreadsheet via an Internet connection on my laptop is critical. With Domo, I get highly relevant, visual info whenever and wherever. It’s an incredible improvement over the static charts and stale spreadsheets I used to get.”

You can learn more about Scentsy’s use of Domo here.

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