Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Domo Announces New Snowflake Partnership to Help Customers Leverage the Speed and Scale of the Cloud to Drive More Business Value from Data

SILICON SLOPES, Utah – Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO) today announced a partnership with Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud, that enables joint customers the ability to go from insight to action in real-time with their data. Through a new native API integration and a go-to-market agreement, the partnership between the cloud companies will impact customers as they move more data to the cloud to leverage the flexibility, scalability and security it provides.

Snowflake combines the power of data warehousing, the flexibility of big data platforms and the elasticity of the cloud at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Domo provides an easy-to-use cloud solution for helping customers connect and transform cross-departmental data, visualize and analyze it leveraging the power of data science and AI/ML technologies, and build apps and extend that data across the entire business to address a multitude of business challenges. Through this partnership, customers can use Domo’s iPaaS capabilities to manage their entire data ecosystem and easily bring additional sources of data from across the organization into Snowflake.

Customer VICE commented on how the Snowflake-Domo combination provides flexibility and speed to help its business be more productive. “VICE found our data growing beyond capacity to what our previous data warehouse solution could handle. We chose Snowflake because it gave us the ability to spin up our storage needs based on different use cases or how we needed to leverage the warehouse, an edge that our growing media organization needs,” said Nilay Sanghavi, Product Manager – Data Services & Analytics at VICE. “With Snowflake and Domo, we’re able to push bulk amounts of data, connect and transform that data to run reports, all through this native connector. We’ve saved nearly four hours of intensive data processing each time we would run a report because of our real-time dashboard updates in Domo.”

Snowflake VP of Worldwide Partners and Alliance, Colleen Kapse commented, “Snowflake is built for speed and performance exactly when customers need it, even with the most intense workloads. Through this partnership, we’re able to help customers drive more value from the data in Snowflake, and from across the organization, by leveraging Domo’s unique ability to rapidly combine and transform it for richer insights that drive better decisions and actions for the business.”

“Customers have turned to cloud because they don’t want to compromise speed, scale or flexibility when it comes to leveraging their data to run their business,” said Jay Heglar, Chief Business Officer, Domo. “Domo is unique in its ability to rapidly combine massive volumes of data from any source and then make that data consumable and actionable to anyone across an organization. We’re excited by this partnership that empowers customers to put data to work at scale through Domo, with the elasticity and flexibility of keeping their data in Snowflake.”


The new solution is available today. To learn more about how Domo and Snowflake works for customers, visit: https://www.domo.com/partners/snowflake.

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