Data is Like Cooking: How to Keep a Clean Kitchen

When you finish cooking a big meal, do you usually have a clean kitchen or a messy one? Data is a lot like cooking. Ingredients need to be gathered, cleaned, prepped, and plated; otherwise, it’s too hard for others to digest.

In this session, I am going to show you how to keep a clean kitchen via the use of tags, naming conventions, etc. Additionally, I will show some best practices for keeping ETLs and dashboards clean so your team will want to consume your work again and again.

This session is really geared towards the cooks and Domo doers who are the ones handling and manipulating data. Plus, I’ll share cooking tips.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Using tags correctly
  • Great naming conventions for ETLs and datasets
  • Tricks in the ETL to make it easier to read
  • Beautiful and easy dashboard design


  • John Le, Owner & President, Dashboard Dudes

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