/ Using Embedded Analytics for a Consistent Client Experience

Using Embedded Analytics for a Consistent Client Experience

Hopefully it’s no secret by now that data is important for your business and its growth. There’s even a good chance you’ve invested in a business intelligence (BI) tool that supports data integration. You’re combining data from disparate sources and visualizing it to gain valuable insight.



Now you’re creating all these analytics dashboards that meet the needs of your internal stakeholders. You’re done! The boss is happy she gets her high-level reports. Sales is tracking trends and forecasting. And production is assessing supply chain bottlenecks. Your business intelligence is humming. You’re even sharing key data with external stakeholders.

Is there anything else you need to do? 

It’s time to scale. Sharing key data insights internally and externally can become a massive task. Without the right tools in place to enable both an easier sharing experience and one that is well governed, you’ll lose valuable time spent on menial and repetitive sharing tasks.

In today’s increasingly connected world, the ability to easily and securely share data with external partners is becoming ever more essential. But without the right technology, the need to share data can create challenges. Companies spend valuable effort manually pulling reports, sending them to external stakeholders, and handling follow-up requests. This may lead them to consider building their own reporting system, which takes time, money, and engineering resources away from value-added work. What’s more, few companies are truly capitalizing on the competitive advantages their data could offer them if shared in the right way.

Domo Everywhere offers you fully integrated, embedded analytics to easily and securely deliver data experiences to your customers and partners. It’s an opportunity to build an ecosystem for you and your customers and partners to centralize your shared data, gain valuable insights together, and build joint solutions that create value for all. Domo Everywhere can help you:

Streamline external reporting.
Save time and manual effort and by moving from building reports to enabling your customers and partners to leverage insights.

Drive satisfaction and retention with self-service external analytics.
Give your customers and partners the power to edit the data you share with them, create their own visualizations, and generate their own value.

Create new revenue streams and build external data ecosystems.
Turn your data into value-added products and services for your customers and partners that will help drive new business and increase your bottom line. Since your business is gaining so much valuable insight from your analytics dashboards, have you considered sharing them with external stakeholders? Think about the benefits your company can gain if they share data with external partners and customers:

  • Everyone can better understand their role in the bigger picture.
  • Communication expands and each company is on the same page.
  • Decisions are made based on near real-time information.
  • Your partners to make data-driven decisions for their business.

If you’re sharing data externally, there are some things to take into consideration before taking the steps you need to scale up sharing your valuable business intelligence. External stakeholders have different data needs than those within your company. You need to understand what it will take for your company to expand access to that data.



The Benefits of Embedded Analytics

McKinsey estimates that there is more than $15 trillion at stake for companies to get analytics in their business right. Embedding analytics into all decision-making processes (internal and external) will be a powerful step in the right direction.

How can you ensure your embedded analytics support the decision-making process for partners and some customers? How do you do it right?

First, let’s talk about needs. Understanding the needs you have for your data and external customers can help you choose how to share your embedded analytics. How will you do it? Do you want to embed dashboards on your own website or use a BI partner to host the content for you?

Consider the following questions to better understand your company’s needs when you’re currently sharing data:

  • How important is it to your company that you control the user experience?
  • How will users log in to the analytics dashboards?
  • How will you manage permissions and data access?
  • Will you need to duplicate work to share data externally?
  • How will you audit data access?

Answer those questions first. Then you can understand whether to choose to embed that data on your own site or send users to a site hosted by your BI platform. While both have benefits, depending on your unique business needs one will definitely work better for your company over the other.

In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of an embedded solution. When you use embedded analytics, you can streamline the analytics process, reduce risk, and, in the end, reduce overall effort.



What to Look for in Embedded Analytics

Let’s talk about some key features your company should look for when choosing to use embedded analytics.

Easily integrate it into your application. 
The right tool will make it easy to add dashboards and visualizations to your own website. Often it will be as simple as creating the dashboard, exporting for sharing, and adding an iframe or embed code to your website. Then you get all the credit for the amazing, data-driven insights you’re sharing with them.

Control everything about how data is presented.
You’ve worked hard to build your brand and how customers and partners interact with it. When you focus on embedded analytics, you can continue to control how they interact with your data. Consider finding solutions with pre-built connectors for all your applications. You can seamlessly integrate embedded analytics into your website so well they won’t even know it’s being powered by another tool. It creates a cohesive experience for your customers and partners.

Utilize your own roles-based access.
All data is valuable and access should be controlled carefully to ensure that your clients are not getting distracted by data that isn’t relevant. Embedded dashboards will allow your clients to continue using your login page and your established roles-based access to data.

Maintain the highest levels of security standards for your data type.
Some data types require compliance with secure standards. Utilizing an embedded analytics solution ensures that you can maintain the highest data governance standards. And you don’t have to rely on a third party to do the same. You can audit everyone who has access to the data with your current auditing processes.

Create custom dashboards for unique customer needs or publish for all partners.
Every stakeholder group has unique data needs. Because clients will be logging into your website, you’ll be able to easily share customized content created specifically for them. With the right tool, you can also reduce effort and publish changes to visualizations across multiple dashboards. This helps to create an immediate and consistent message for all stakeholders.

Deploy to a live webpage with minimal involvement from IT.
IT departments can become a bottleneck when needed to create or share BI, especially externally. Find a self-service BI solution that will not force IT staff to get involved. You reduce bottlenecks and share timely insights with everyone involved.

Don’t train external partners on a new tool.
An additional benefit of using embedded analytics is that you won’t have to train your clients and partners on how to use other software. They’ll be able to interact with your website in a way they’re familiar with while still gaining valuable insight.



Do it with Domo

Your data enhances your decision making. Sharing it with your whole ecosystem of customers and partners will allow you to scale the benefits of your embedded analytics.

For many clients, when choosing a vendor to support embedded analytics and customer-facing content, experience is key. Domo is among the best in the business and has been recognized as a Leader in the 2021 The Forrester Wave™ for Augmented BI Platforms. Learn more about how Domo can support your company with embedded analytics.

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