Domopalooza 2020

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Domopalooza 2020 Highlights

See some of our favorite moments from the conference.

Josh James, Domo CEO

Hear Josh's thoughts on how to modernize and mobilize your business by shining a light on dark data, adopting an app strategy, and enabling faster action.

Brian Kaner, Pep Boys CEO

Learn how Pep Boys uses Domo to connect to data faster, make data accessible to everyone, and drive decision-making across 1,100 service locations.

Jack Pelo, Swire Coca-Cola CEO

Go to the warehouse floor to see how Swire Coca-Cola manages a complex logistics business and an expansive product line in real-time.

New Features Available

Get a peek at the newest features now available in Domo presented by Domo Product & Engineering leaders.

Breakout Sessions

Learn proven ways to drive change and deliver impact, direct from customers and experts who volunteered to share their unique expertise.


Enhancing security, governance, and scale.


Delivering a data-driven culture.

Apps Showcase

Building upon and extending your capabilities.

Data Science

Extracting more value from data.


Driving digital transformation.

Tips and Tricks

Adopting the best practices.

Domo on Domo

This is how we do it.

Check out our Domopalooza 2020

Here's a quick recap of our most exciting Domopalooza product announcements.

Integration Studio.

Link systems together that otherwise would not be able to share data. Bring data from any system into Domo and write data back to your source systems.

Next generation Magic ETL.

We're making our Magic ETL tool even easier to use, with a simple visual interface where the power of scripting and data science are made accessible to all users.

DataSet Views.

With DataSet Views, you can quickly explore and analyze your data, perform simple operations, and save your view as a dataset. No technical experience required.

Domo Data Experience.

Whether it's no-code apps built by citizen developers or rich apps built by software developers, dream up and build the next generation of intelligent apps, then share them with your team, customers, and partners.

High-bandwidth connectors.

Now you can load data into Domo with record speeds even on the largest datasets. Import data 3-6 times faster.

Mobile Data Center.

Quickly diagnose any issues, manually update your data if needed, and manage access to data—all on the fly, right from your phone.

New chart types.

Several new chart types help you visualize your data for fresh insights, including Sankey, SPC, period-over-period, and more.

Data Lineage & Impact Analysis.

See the upstream and downstream effects of a dataset on other datasets, visualizations, and alerts. Search, explore, and troubleshoot with ease.