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Unlocking the Power of Data: Tips to Create a Data Strategy to Maximize ROI

This session will discuss the importance of a data-driven culture and how to get your leadership team on board. It will also provide a framework for developing a data strategy that will help you achieve your business goals and enable a data-driven enterprise. The presenter will share some of what they have done to make this possible for their organization and will encourage attendees to see the possibilities and benefits they can achieve from their own data strategy. Some of the benefits Schnuck Markets has realized including logically curated data, schedule automation, controls, service level agreements (SLAs), single source of truth, and the ability to share data with partners. The presenter will share the steps they took in their journey to implement their data foundation and strategy. In this session: - Learn how data strategy that is executed well decreases op-ex and increases customer satisfaction retention, which can help fund data teams. - Receive a guided walkthrough of how Schnuck Markets executed on those principles to ultimately deliver great experiences for shoppers and maximize vendor value. Speaker: - Colin Lloyd | Director, Business Analytics, Schnuck Markets

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