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Reimagine next hit songs with AI and Data by modern music company

Find out more about Japan’s unique entertainment culture such as J-pop, manga and anime, and how Avex Entertainment Inc., one of Japan’s leading music entertainment companies, uses the power of data to accelerate artist promotions and leverage their business. In the Japanese music industry, the use of IT tools and the data specialists are still in the growth stage. As a leading company in Japan, Avex has been tackling challenges from “how to utilize various streaming and SNS platforms for effective data-driven artist promotion” to “detecting ‘viral trends’ from massive market data generated daily leveraging AI predictions” to consistently producing hits in highly competitive markets. Through the journey Avex has taken with Domo, get tips on how to empower your employees with data and accelerate your business. In this session you’ll learn how to: Market data trends of entertainment business in Japan. How to make quick, actionable decisions based on data to continuously improve the performance of your marketing activities. How to use Domo.AI to detect market trends to uncover new growth opportunities. Speakers: - Shingo Takahata | General Producer, BI & Data Infrastructure, Avex

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