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Domo Everywhere Workshop

Domo Everywhere allows Domo administrators to create customized data products. This video walks through all steps needed to build and embed Domo cards, dashboards, and even full instances inside of a custom-built web application. The source package for the web application is here: https://github.com/domoinc/domo-node-embed-filters You can create a free instance of Domo here: https://www.domo.com/start/freemium Content in this video: 0:00 - Intro to Domo Everywhere 1:16 - Visual Overview of Integrations 7:44 - Standard Dashboard Embed 15:53 - Filtered Dashboard Embed 20:50 - Instance Creation 27:15 - Configure Instance Embed 35:02 - Security Considerations 38:55 - Things to Think About

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