/ Why ‘Modern BI for All’ took center stage at Domopalooza

Modern BI for all. Four little words. One massively important concept. Especially at a time like this, when data is growing exponentially while organizations face unprecedented challenges.

To survive, businesses need something better than what they’ve had to work with. Modern BI for all is that something. Which is why it was the theme of Domopalooza 2021, and why more than 11,000 business leaders participated in the virtual event late last month. 
It all started with the keynote, which was delivered, as always, by Domo’s charismatic CEO, Josh James (above), and had social media buzzing from the get-go.

Not only did the monologue set a new bar for production value, it wowed viewers by taking them on a 13-minute journey that was both fun and informative—and left everyone with a crystal-clear understanding of what is powering business success in a post-COVID world: modern BI for all. 
To make the case even stronger, Josh then introduced Domopaloozers to the kind of individuals we all need to be hearing from right now: ones that are challenging the status quo and driving true business transformation with modern BI. 
At Emerson’s Helix Innovation Center in Ohio, Josh sat down with several members of the cold chain expert’s upper management team and learned that Domo’s modern BI platform for all has helped the organization improve everything from curiosity levels to marketing efforts and even sales performance and strategy. 
“Domo is allowing us to sell more,” said Paul Hepperla, Emerson’s vice president of solutions strategy, “but it’s also changing what we’re selling.” 
Josh also visited Yum! Brands’ headquarters in Kentucky, where the company’s chief data officer, Cameron Davies, talked about how modern BI for all is at the heart of an operation that includes more than 50,000 restaurants.  
“We make sure the data’s available, make sure it’s accessible, and make sure it’s flexible so (Yum!’s employees) can use it,” he said. “Then we start building it into tools that they can use to make decisions.” 
As well, Josh ventured to Minnesota, for a chat with McKinsey & Company’s chief data officer, Mohammed Aaser, who revealed some of the key trends he’s seeing in the world of modern data. 
“The biggest use cases I see now often involve taking in external data,” Mohammed said. “That external data universe, which often is well-managed and can be delivered on a quite-frequent basis, can power a lot of insights on what’s happening in the market.” 
Then there was Stephen Orban, AWS Data Exchange’s general manager, who joined Domo Chief Product Officer Catherine Wong by Zoom to discuss how the partnership between the two companies is making it easier than ever for organizations to not only access third-party data but activate it quickly for business use, and why it’s important that IT leaders look at business through a more modern lens. 
“It’s no longer OK to just be the person running the tech team,” Stephen said. “You have to understand the business you’re serving, your customers, and really have a seat at the table on how digital and technology is evolving.

“IT leaders who are grasping on to that are using things like business intelligence and bringing those tools into their organization and really showing the art of the possible to all of their various business stakeholders.” 
If you missed any of the above, or would like to re-watch particular portions of the general session (including all those mentioned in this blog post), click here

To learn more about modern BI for all, check back soon for posts on how each of the key aspects—data agility, data literacy, and intelligent action—were addressed at Domopalooza 2021.

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