/ Why Domopalooza 2021 workshops are for everyone

It’s one thing to understand the need for Modern BI in today’s rapidly changing world. It’s another to make it part of the fabric of your organization so you can handle whatever comes next. 
The good news is you don’t have to be a highly technical worker—or even a Domo customer—to be in a position to weave the elements of Modern BI through your business.

You just need a desire to upskill your data abilities and a product pro—or two, or three—willing to show you how they’re leveraging the Domo platform to stand out in an ever-shifting business environment. 
Enter Domopalooza 2021, which takes place March 24 and will offer no shortage of workshops designed to help you get your arms around the beauty and benefits of the quintessential Modern BI platform: The Domo Business Cloud. 
These particular sessions will be conducted by thought leaders and BI challengers who will not only discuss the future of data, they will talk about new approaches to data agility, data literacy, and intelligent action—the pillars to Modern BI and the keys to unlocking the value of data throughout your business and ecosystem. 
For a sneak peek at what the free, virtual workshops will look and feel like, check out this 60-second video:

Want to learn how to mine the buried insight you have about customer satisfaction and sentiment? Tune in to Sierra Duncan’s session on that very topic. In just 25 minutes with the business analyst at Disney Streaming Services, you’ll discover exactly how to find the “voice of the customer” through integrated datasets. 
Got an interest in information governance and security best practices? Join Dave Luna as he reveals the compliance foundation he built in Domo for CAE USA, which makes aircraft and medical simulators used by the U.S. Department of Defense. 
Or maybe you’d like to encourage collaboration and improve efficiency in your organization by making data easily accessible across the entire business. If so, representatives of Blue Moon Digital and Hobo Bags have you covered.  
In their workshop, they will discuss how Blue Moon helped Hobo leverage Domo to break down departmental data silos while fully automating and personalizing reports for groups and individuals at every level of the company. 
If any of those workshops aren’t what you’re looking for, don’t worry; there are 21 on the Domopalooza agenda in all, including several led by senior-level Domo employees themselves. 
To see which workshops are most relevant to you, explore the agenda. To gain full access to the Modern BI event of the year, register for Domopalooza now.

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