/ Why Domopalooza 2021 could help shape the future of BI

Speed and scale are at top the of every business’ priority list. These requirements are the new reality, and there’s no doubt that we’ve all come to recognize it at some point over the past year.

Hearing from people who are taking this idea of modern BI and turning it loose in ways you’ve probably not even considered yet is something from which we all can benefit. This is why we absolutely can’t wait for March 24, when some of the brightest minds in business join us for Domopalooza 2021

Like last year, our annual user conference will be a virtual experience and free for all. Only this year, it will be more interactive, thanks to an array of opportunities to immerse yourself in how the Domo platform can unlock new levels of data agility, data literacy, and what we like to call “intelligent action,” because it’s driven by custom-built apps and the awesomely predictive and prescriptive powers of machine learning and data science.

That’s key, because acute proficiency in those three areas is what ultimately defines the kind of modern BI platform that’s necessary today: one that works for everyone, from the CEO on down to line-of-business professionals, frontline workers, partners, and customers. 

The world has been moving in this very direction for quite some time. As we all know, digital transformation has been happening in some shape or form, at companies big and small, for more than a decade.  

But not until the pandemic hit did a lot of organizations push their efforts into overdrive. It’s been our Y2K moment—the accelerant for an age that was always just on the horizon. And if a recent McKinsey survey is anything to go by, nothing will be the same again.

“Hearing from people who are taking the idea of modern BI and turning it loose in ways you’ve probably not even considered yet is something from which we all can benefit.”

From where we work to how we buy things to what products we use, our behaviors and preferences are different. We’ve been profoundly impacted by COVID-19. And by virtue of that, we’re asking different questions and developing new ideas. We’re challenging that status quo.

In business, that means we’re examining—if not scrapping—traditional procedures and demanding more from our systems. We still need BI to do all the things it’s always done for us, such as reduce uncertainty and augment decisions. But we also need it to work faster, function in more sophisticated ways, and be accessible for marketing, for sales, for IT, for the CFO, for … all.

What’s more, we need it to generate insights that humans can easily understand and truly trust, which means data integration and self-service must be important parts of the fabric, as well.

To be able to grow the muscles we now need, we’ve got to have all those capabilities. Otherwise, our potential will elude us. We’ll never get to find out just how much more value there is in data when it’s democratized and actionable. But we may just discover what happens when workflows get stifled and accountability gets lost—and that’s not good.

What’s encouraging though is that Modern BI is the fastest growing type of BI according to all the major tech advisory firms. Business leaders are waking up to the fact that siloed or buried data (i.e. “dark data”) can provide real answers, real insights, and real actions, too—as long as that data is properly plugged in and available in real time, of course—that the cloud is indeed secure, that data governance can be their friend, and that apps can and should be used to deliver better experiences.

As someone who has helped orchestrate 16 enterprise tech conferences in addition to the inaugural online Domopalooza, I’m distinctly familiar with high-profile tech events. But I’m not sure I’ve ever been this excited for one. Given the moment, given the stakes, and given the kind of community that is preparing to share examples of how they are leveraging modern BI and what can be discovered when you let business problems drive exploration, I’m certain it’s going to be an event we’ll all look back on with reverence.

To book your spot at Domopalooza 2021 and be among those who get to learn from and engage with a select group of true visionaries, click here—and see you there.

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