/ Why Better BI Involves Domo and Data Science

If you’re part of a BI team, chances are you fall into one of two camps: the one that has put BI into production and is either ready for a data science journey or is already miles into one; or the camp that is still in the early stages of putting BI into production and could use some help with next steps.

Whatever the case may be, you’re in the right place with this blog post, because Domo can support whichever situation you happen to be in. For the sake of simplifying the message here, we’ll call the two camps BI-Mature and BI-Incipient.


If you’ve put BI into production, then you’ve automated what can be automated, and you’ve put triggers, alerts, and notifications in place for when a human is needed. No one has to create that report that your executive team needs this afternoon. Nor is there anyone complaining about their lack of access to real-time business information that would enable them to do their jobs better. You have become a “production-by-default” company.

At this stage, your team now has the freedom to pursue the more time-consuming work of data science. But how are your data science projects being pursued?

One of the things we’ve found in working with “production-by-default” organizations is that many of them are sputtering along on their data science journey because they either lack data science talent or aren’t fully leveraging their data science work.

Domo can help in either instance. Not only does our data science consulting team consist of experienced data scientists (most of whom have taught at the university level for years), its purpose is to train customers, which means your team learns how to do data science work the right way. In other words, it’s a “teach-to-fish” proposition.

What’s more, the Domo platform is designed to help data science teams better leverage their work. It’s a “production-by-default” solution capable of running everything—data connection, data transformation, data analytics, data visualization, and data science—in production.


If your organization more closely identifies with the camp we’re calling BI-Incipient—which is the one where you’re still in the early stages of putting BI (e.g. key metrics and analytics) into production and could use some guidance on next steps—Domo can help there, too.

With more than 1,000 connectors, automated workflows, and powerful alert notification features, Domo is a full-stack, business management system designed to provide BI leverage. Put another way, it’s a “production-by-default” BI solution, which enables you to automate the boring stuff so that your talent—your highly-paid, intelligent, and experienced employees—can focus on creative and impactful work, which adds significantly more value to the business.

Humans should be doing the thinking and development work. Technology should be putting that work into production. To learn more about Domo technology and how companies are using The Business Cloud to better leverage BI and data science, click here.

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