See what’s next for your business with AI and ML.

Analyze all your data in Domo with data science best practices. Easily manage your models and put them into production to provide predictive insights that guide your business.

Reduce loss and enhance your processes.

Maximize revenue and minimize cost by identifying planning tools and taking direct action.

Reduce employee churn.
Dramatically reduce costs and retain valuable talent.

Minimize customer churn.
Increase retention and improve your product or service.

Increase revenue and Customer Lifetime Value.
Understand the real drivers to your bottom line.

Increase focus and improve results.

Cut through the complexity and focus on the important indicators.

Predict demand.
Be prepared and understand what factors impact demand.

Focus on big opportunities.
Automatically prioritize your organization around large deals.

Drive revenue.
Understand the real drivers to your bottom line.

Get recommendations on resource allocation.

Know how to group items and how to best organize for optimal outcomes.

Identify cross-sell opportunities.
Know where the low-hanging fruit is.

Optimize your marketing mix.
Maximize your receipts.

See how revenue is impacted.
Estimate and forecast the impact of various tactics.

More accurate tagging creates better management.

Better label individuals for optimum handling and decision-making.

Fraud detection.
Have the machines root out the bad actors.

Improve hiring practices.
Better predict who’s going to fit well and understand why.

Understand consumer behavior.
Create better customer experiences.

See how Finance teams can use data science to improve their cash position.

Here are just a few ways that you can use Data Science for Finance to get more precise, accurate forecasting around your revenue, productivity, and profitability, so you can preserve your cash flow, make informed decisions, and reduce financial risk.

Precise Cash Flow Modeling

Creating more accurate cash models.

Creating more accurate cash models.

Solution: Domo allows you to create a machine learning model to estimate the impact of areas of uncertainty, minimize forecasting errors, and run scenario analyses and simulations.

Impact: Understand variability and what levers can be controlled to impact financial performance. Decide where to cut spending, detect anomalies in spending, and create more precise forecasts.

Demand Forecasting and Risk Modeling

Creating more accurate, data-driven forecasts.

Creating more accurate, data-driven forecasts.

Solution: Create models to set forecasts based on solid data—and not just assumptions—and understand which factors impact demand the most.

Impact: Forecast reasonable expectations for your business in a downturn, anticipate demand, and even determine when to get your employees back to work in the office after working from home.

Remote Work Modeling

Navigating the shift to remote work.

Navigating the shift to remote work.

Solution: Leverage innovative data collection and smart experimentation to create a cost/benefit analysis based on employee location, salary, and other factors.

Impact: Understand the financial impact and maximize cost efficiency as you navigate current remote work arrangements and hire new employees.

Economic Shock Modeling

Predicting how outside factors will affect your business.

Predicting how outside factors will affect your business.

Solution: Analyze your company’s data, public data, and historical recession trends alongside trends to build an economic shock model that predicts how random, unpredictable impacts on the economy will impact your company.

Impact: Improve your confidence in your business decisions now and in the future, even among times of great economic uncertainty.

Customer Lifetime Value

Predicting changes in CLV.

Predicting changes in CLV.

Solution: Domo can train a machine learning model to predict CLV by collecting and analyzing factors that may impact lifetime value such as the sales team, type of product, customer characteristics, and more.

Impact: CLV scores can be used to close more customers that fit your ideal profile, retain current customers, and help you to optimize your business around what will create the most profit.

Domo’s Data Science Suite

The Data Science Suite includes both tools and services to help you put data science into production, so you can begin using more precise and predictive insights to guide your decision-making.

Built-in data science actions, including classification, forecasting, and outlier detection, allow you to build data science into your data prep.

Integration with R and Python means you can write custom scripts for data science analysis and even import custom scripts.

Experienced consultants help you customize the Data Science Suite to determine your needs and statistical approach.

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