/ What Domo’s New Alliance with AWS Means for Customers

As organizations continuously seek to overtake or stay ahead of their market rivals, we have joined forces with AWS to make it even easier for our customers to rack up wins and achieve their goals.

The logic behind the new partnership—which was announced yesterday in conjunction with the launch of the latest generation of the Domo Appstore—is simple: Companies that can just as easily access and leverage external data as they can internal data are going to have a significant competitive advantage.

That’s exactly what this new collaboration enables, because the components are a perfect fit. While Domo is designed to easily and safely connect to all the world’s data, make data more accessible to our customers’ employees, and, in turn, amplify data’s value, AWS offers subscribers more than 1,700 high-value data sets from an array of category-leading brands (e.g. CareerBuilder, Foursquare and Reuters) in the AWS Data Exchange.

Pairing strengths of two powerful platforms not only expands our customers’ ability to modernize any business process, it allows them to dream bigger than they ever have before and deliver meaningful innovation inside and outside the organization.

As someone who’s worked at both Domo and AWS, I couldn’t be happier to see two great cloud computing companies come together in the interest of providing something so transformative. I know our customers will be thrilled as well, as it steers them directly toward what only Domo can facilitate:

BI leverage at cloud scale in record time.

That’s the holy grail for data-driven organizations in this day and age, and we can’t wait to talk about all the ways we’re helping companies reach it at Domopalooza next month.

To register for our annual user conference, click here. To learn more about what the new partnership with AWS entails—or to get fully up to speed on the ways in which the Domo Appstore has been upgraded—go here.

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