/ What Do The World’s Top-Performing CEOs Look Like?

Harvard Business Review recently released a pretty cool scorecard that evaluates the world’s 100 top-performing CEOs. To round out the scorecard’s focus on performance and demographics, we added a little research of our own.

When you look at the data, some of it might surprise you. For example, more than 70% on HBR’s list don’t have a masters’ degree, but only 1% never graduated from college. Did you know that 11% are bald? And almost all have said “I do” which makes it easy to conclude that having a spouse is good for business.

But no matter what stories the demographics tell, they really don’t determine success. I believe it’s more important to study the behaviors and the decisions these CEOs make that get them – and keep them – where they are today.

If you are interested in seeing what you might have in common with the world’s 100 top-performing CEOs, check out our latest infographic below.

Top Performing CEOs_Infographicv2

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