/ Virtual event recap: Revolutionizing embedded analytics

There is a revolution happening around data and analytics, and it is being led by a key element of modern BI for all—the “all” part.  
“All” means everyone, of course, and in today’s business world, that encompasses people outside your organization as well, such as customers, partners, and vendors. 
Companies that are unlocking the power of data and analytics for all are experiencing new levels of collaboration and developing new business models. 
To unlock that power, business leaders are embracing and implementing advanced embedded analytics solutions, such as Domo Everywhere, which provides an environment where enterprises can safely and securely share data with one another so they can grow together. 
But don’t take my word for it. Take it from the experts who participated in our recent three-part virtual event titled “Revolutionizing Embedded Analytics,” which not only focused on Domo Everywhere’s new and unique capabilities, but on where data is headed on a macro level globally. 
The 48-minute online experience began with Domo’s product leaders setting the stage for a panel discussion and product demo by sharing why they’re so excited about Domo Everywhere, summarizing its most powerful use cases—external reporting, external self-service analytics, and external data ecosystems—and providing real-world examples of how the innovative product translates into business impact. 
“What we’re seeing from customers who are already using Domo Everywhere,” said Adam Landefeld, Domo’s senior vice president of product, “is that businesses that build a data ecosystem and embrace their customers, suppliers, and partners find immense value, right out of the gate.” 
Additional proof came in the next segment of the event: a panel discussion led by Chandana Gopal, a research director at IDC covering the future of intelligence.  
During her conversation with leaders of Swire Coca-Cola, Virtuagym, and EdCast, the audience learned how each organization is using Domo Everywhere to engage with their customers, what the implementation process looked like, and how they are monetizing external opportunities. 
They also spoke to the virtues of customization and data governance, which Swire Coca-Cola’s senior vice president of strategy and planning, Genevieve LeBlanc, described as “critical to helping everyone win.” 
The last 10 minutes of “Revolutionizing Embedded Analytics” belonged to Dan Hendriksen. Domo’s Domo Everywhere expert, who showcased the product’s three primary capabilities—View, Edit, and Connect—by demonstrating how a sample bicycle manufacturer called Stravello uses Domo Everywhere to give its entire dealer network real-time visibility into the company’s production and supply chain. 
The demo perfectly illustrated how Domo Everywhere puts your data right where the work gets done—enabling you to go from question to answer to insight in just a few seconds—and makes it easy for executives to automate and monitor the health of their business in real time. 
As well, Dan revealed how a well-governed, highly secure external data ecosystem can be built quickly—and in a way that fosters trust across the board and works fast. 
To learn more about Domo Everywhere or to download a recent IDC brief on the benefits of advanced embedded analytics, click here. To watch “Revolutionizing Embedded Analytics,” go here.

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