/ Story wars pt. 2: An interview with Domo’s Social Media Manager

Last week we brought you our Story Wars Infographic that took a deeper look at Instagram Stories’ sudden, and somewhat unexpected, rise to story format dominance over the innovator of social stories themselves, Snapchat.

This week, we sat down with Domo’s Social Media Manager, Jessica Chindgren, to get her take on the shake up, what it all means, and how companies can and should take advantage of the story format on each platform.

On why Instagram Stories are taking off.

“Instagram stories are so much better for gaining visibility, whether you’re a brand or an influencer. It’s much more intuitive to find people and brands and much easier to gain followers. If your profile’s public, anyone can watch your stories. You can tag people and add hashtags and links, all within the stories function.”

Should we expect Snapchat to disappear?

“I originally thought it might be a Vine (RIP) situation where Snapchat ends up going away altogether. That’s not the case. Instagram’s hindered Snapchat’s growth rate, but it hasn’t deterred loyal users. There are still millions of people using it on a daily basis, and Snapchat is holding strong right now. It’s livelihood, I think, will really depend on what new features they have coming.”

On whether or not Snapchat is still relevant for brands.

“It’s too early to tell for sure, but Snapchat is still relevant, especially with the Gen Z and millennial crowds. Younger generations are still using Snapchat as their preferred network. There’s even an attitude that Instagram is uncool. Snapchat is a much more intimate channel, and people use it more for private posts that only their close friends can see.”

As a social media manager, what is your favorite feature of each platform’s stories?

“The hands-free functionality is really great. Although it may seem like a small feature, an extra hand during a live event is crucial. With social media trending more and more to live—look at Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and Stories—having an extra hand is so valuable.

Boomerang is also really genius. It’s so fun, and really sets Instagram apart from Snapchat.

On the other hand, Geo-filters in Snapchat, that allow for designing branded filters via location, is a fun aspect and branding opportunity you don’t get on Instagram Stories.”

Should brands abandon Snapchat?

“It really depends on your brand, your demographic, and your social goals. Your brand should strategize which channel is most important for your audience. If Instagram is your priority, posting a duplicate on Snapchat is a good way to keep your brand relevant on the platform so you can be prepared for either way the industry may shift.”

What to look for next.

“Neither of these platforms—Snapchat or Instagram—are going to stay in their current function. We’ll see both of them evolve quite a bit, and quite quickly.”

Twitter “I think both platforms will become even more useful to brands, and it’ll be exciting to see where they go from here.”

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