/ Story wars: Instagram vs. Snapchat, an infographic

By now, it’s no secret that Instagram Stories have been dominating the story format, far surpassing the stories pioneer, Snapchat. In fact, Instagram announced that daily Instagram Stories users had reached 200 million users a mere 5 months after their launch. And the latest numbers are only widening the divide: Instagram Stories skyrocketed to 250 million daily users by its first birthday last month, leaving Snapchat in the proverbial dust with a mere 166 million daily users, as of their last report in May.

So is it all over for the Snap? Maybe not. The details about the rivalry are in the data. Snapchat still has the edge on Instagram in certain demographics—particularly teens to millenials—while Instagram is king for brands and advertisers.

Check out this infographic to get the lowdown on the current story war going down between the two social media giants.

(Click the infographic to enlarge)

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