/ Secrets of the Data-Driven CMO

Think of that executive you know with her head always bent to her smartphone, checking several different dashboards, and lost somewhere in the datasphere. Got that picture clearly in your mind? Good.

That’s not the kind of data-driven CMO we’re talking about.

The data-driven CMO has seven little secrets that give her an edge on even the most numbers-bent executives out there. She gets the stories she needs from the information she has, and she executes informed campaigns that keep turning heads.

These seven secrets will help you extract greater value and more revenue out of the data youcurrently have:

Secret #4

Adore Great Content

“Really? Content is so…un-quantifiable…” Remember: being data driven doesn’t require giving up the creative nature of marketing. Exactly the opposite, in fact. Think of your brand as a summer blockbuster movie, the New York Times bestseller that you just can’t put down, or that special someone you can’t get off your mind. Your brand becomes the “cult classic” of your niche when you have engaging content, and your audience will reward you accordingly.

Great content comes from understanding your audience, and that understanding comes from regular testing. To get there, you have to throw in gobs of right-brained creativity, coupled with methodical, systematic testing of everything your audience consumes. Learn what works in terms of subject matter, tone, style, headlines, taglines, calls-to-action, long copy, short copy, even the use of a single word. It is all about giving your audience something meaningful and valuable, and the data-driven CMO knows how to get it in front of the market.

Secret #6

Understand the Value of Social

The data-driven CMO understands that leads are not the only measure of effective marketing. She understands the cause and impact of YouTube views, retweeting, and blog comments, and uses them to improve the brand experience.

When you gather social media data, you can break down social sentiment and engagement to gain surprisingly profound insights (yes, even beyond Facebook’s mono-emotion indicator, the all-powerful “Like” button). These insights can come from a host of word-of-mouth factors like comments, posts, shares, retweets, downloads, and check-ins. And they aren’t frivolous by any means—social data and engagement are almost guaranteed to have an immediate impact on your sales, inventory, brand, and even stock. Now that’s something worth measuring.

You don’t have to wait for your clientele to walk through your door to understand their needs, wants, and demographics when they interact with your company’s myriad online social media strategies.

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