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When The DICE Group—a collection of innovation teams within Thomas Jefferson University’s healthcare system—was tasked with finding a way to reduce the time it takes for patients to request appointments, it decided to start by giving them the option to fill out a shorter form and by launching a chatbot.

Soon thereafter, the group turned to Domo to help it determine which form (long or short) and which platform (chatbot or standard online questionnaire) was performing best.

Armed with a new level of intelligence, The DICE Group was able to meet the demand placed on it, and voila—the patient experience improved dramatically.

But something else happened, too. A domino effect occurred. Collaboration increased across departments. Decision-making processes were refined. And the way in which so many people worked at TJU-affiliated healthcare facilities changed for the better.

As just about everyone knows, there’s no shortage of SaaS-based platforms for businesses to choose from these days. But with Domo, you’re able to arrive at the real game-changer: BI leverage at cloud scale in record time.

That’s the message many Domo customers—including The DICE Group—are preparing to deliver, in their own ways, at Domopalooza 2020. To get those in BI, Finance or Marketing ready, we present a small sampling of other breakout sessions not to be missed.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Storytelling with Real-Time Data
Doug Kramon of ESPN talks about how the “Worldwide Leader in Sports” is able to use the intelligence it gathers from viewers during a live sporting event and then, with the help of Domo, create a compelling post-event narrative that drives change and improves the fan experience.

A No-BS Guide to the AI Journey
Sean Thompson and Bo Fairbank of Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburger share how Domo has factored into how they’ve iterated on machine learning and AI projects that are beginning to generate wins of all sizes for the company.

How Good ‘Hygiene’ Drives Trustworthy Predictions
Ron Hadler highlights the roles high-quality data and Domo dashboards have played in helping Red Door Interactive’s clients plan better for variation in demand so they can anticipate problems or pressures before they arise.


Keys to Getting Started and Growing with Domo
Joshua Stan of Daltile discusses how he, a self-proclaimed “finance guy,” managed to roll out Domo to more than 1,100 employees at the world’s leading manufacturer of ceramic tile—and how anyone can build an infinitely expandable platform for success.

Moving from Chaos to Automation with Complex Financial Data
Chris Jarski of Grant Thornton shows attendees how to transform from “now” (outdated spreadsheet models) to “next” (Domo) in the interest of: reducing company risk and reporting inaccuracies; gaining insightful real-time analysis; and increasing productivity.

Embedding Visual Analytics to Master Data
Jenni Murer details how Gant Travel uses Domo to merge, filter and analyze data from multiple systems, and talks about how beneficial that is for anyone who works in a business or department where time is of the essence and decisions geared toward ROI goals must be made quickly.


Data Experience is the New Customer Experience
Erica Janowicz of La-Z-Boy explains how Domo has enabled the furniture manufacturer to empower its employees and build the kind of relationship with the modern consumer that keeps them coming back for more.

Powering Advanced Conversion Analytics
Ajay Sathyanath of Madison Logic discusses how the account-based marketing firm brings together several data sources to perform hyper-targeting and content customization, providing real ROI metrics on marketing campaigns.

The Road to Digital Adoption
Esther Vallin walks attendees through L’Oreal’s four-pronged approach to developing a healthy, data-driven culture on a global scale, with emphasis on challenges faced (communication, building credibility, etc.) and the final stage: leading initiatives with data.

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