/ Aquib Mehdad: A Domo Community Forum Coach on Analytics, Storytelling, and Collaboration

Aquib Mehdad, Data Analyst at Australian Wool Innovation, is a data professional, Domo Community Member of the Year Ovation Award winner, and Domo Community Forum Coach. We sat down with Aquib to chat about how he uses Domo to visualize and communicate data in a way that centers on the art of storytelling. We also learn about the importance of finding one’s niche, building strong relationships with line of business owners, and the value of collaboration within the Domo community. 

Q: How did you get started with business intelligence and Domo? 

Aquib Mehdad: Initially, I wanted to pursue software development and become a business analyst in that space, but when I came across a role that involved helping people build dashboards and communicating data stories, I took a leap. I ended up getting the role—and my first exposure to Domo. I gradually became a Domo subject matter expert, which gave me momentum to pursue bigger roles and responsibilities in my career.  

Q: How does Domo play a role in your daily responsibilities at Australian Wool Innovation? 

Aquib Mehdad: My day typically starts by checking in with the team for urgent requests or system outages to prioritize tasks. I touch base with managers to understand the business needs and work closely with my data analyst colleagues to solve problems. My role is quite holistic and involves proactively reaching out to the business owners, taking ownership of our data reporting, training others on using tools, and collecting feedback. I keep a close relationship with each departmental Domo Champion, so we can prioritize delivering the right type of reports proactively and efficiently.  

Q: What advice would you give to other data analysts looking to build strong relationships and partnerships with line of business owners? 

Aquib Mehdad: Finding your niche is crucial. Storytelling is mine. It helps me communicate effectively with business users in the company, promote better decision-making capabilities, and build better relationships. I would recommend that aspiring or seasoned data analysts find their niche and nurture it. 

Q: What advice would you give to a new Domo user? 

Aquib Mehdad: I recommend new users get involved in the Community Forum simply because it’s a great means of learning, with a large variety of questions and ideas being posted. They’ll feel more comfortable and confident using Domo and present themselves better in their respective fields of work.  

Q: What is one of your favorite solutions or answers that you posted in the community forum? 

Aquib Mehdad: My favorite solution was visualizing multiple campaign events in a financial year. In my last role, the Chief Marketing Officer tasked me with creating a calendar-like structure for campaign events without being restricted to the traditional calendar format. I worked with the graphic design team and learned about custom charting. I used Adobe Illustrator to create a custom chart, tooltips for detailed information, and nested functions in Beast Mode for effective formatting. The end product was well-received and saved the company money because we didn’t need an external solution or additional internal resourcing. I also wrote a blog detailing the problem and solution if anyone wants to get more information or try it out.  

Q: When did you start feeling comfortable answering people’s questions in the Domo Community Forum? 

Aquib Mehdad: I began feeling comfortable answering questions in the forum when I felt confident discussing Domo in my own business environment. The forum provided an opportunity for exchanging ideas and validating my knowledge with seasoned professionals. This led to continuous learning and growth as a data professional. 


If you’d like to collaborate with or learn more from Aquib, you can find him actively taking part in the Domo Community Forum. Sign up today and start embracing the power of community collaboration.  

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