/ Devising a custom calendar with tooltips


The challenge for our marketing team was visibility around the timing of key flagship campaigns and how each month in the year was looking.

Our users need the relevant details for campaigns of interest so they know the best contacts for upcoming campaigns and can better plan for future campaigns. It would also be helpful for them to be able to share those details with others, for reference and discussion.

The existing calendar view provides a list of events occurring during a period, but does not provide details around those events.


In order to get the list of details for campaigns at a quick glance, additional data must be made available in a chart.

‘Calendar’ does not allow tooltips, but ‘Custom Charts’ does—it’s a matter of creating a visually appealing calendar view to upload as a custom chart that would display tooltip fields.


1) Using a graphic designer tool, a calendar timeline view is created. The design includes objects that represent a campaign, split according to launch period.

2) The timeline view is exported as an SVG file for easy upload into Domo— and because we want the campaign name objects to remain as fixed sets of shapes.

3) In Admin -> Company settings -> Custom Charts, there’s an Add Chart button to upload the newly created file, which will then be available in the list of charts in Analyzer.

The preview window of the upload will show a list of names as ‘Regions,’ which will validate the list of campaigns being picked up by Domo.

4) In Analyzer, in Chart Types, find the custom chart uploaded. I can then create a Beast Mode to map out the campaign names, from a campaigns dataset, to the object names from the custom chart.

This calculation should be dragged to ‘Names.’ There are up to three different tooltip fields to utilize, but instead of being restricted to three Measures, I would use CONCAT functions to nest more measures for view and to format the tooltip displays. For example:

                 CONCAT('Go-Live Date: ',DATE_FORMAT(`Go-    
                 Live Date`,'%d/%m/%y')),'\n',
                 CONCAT('Status: ',`Status`),'\n',
                CONCAT('Budget: $',CASE WHEN LENGTH(ROUND(    
                SUM(`Budget`), 0)) >= 4 THEN
                CONCAT(ROUND(SUM(`Budget`) / 1000, 2), 'K')
                WHEN LENGTH(ROUND(SUM(`Budget`), 0)) = 1  
                THEN '$0'

Drag the concat calculations into ‘Tooltip Fields.’

5) Once done and tooltip hovers are checked, the card can be saved and closed.

6) This card can now feature in a dashboard or appear as a card in a page, providing users with details of campaigns easily by hovering over each campaign title.

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