/ A Domo child instance is a win-win for NLC Mutual and its clients

Reinsurance is a mature, conservative business. Claim databases are niche software, and reporting systems are typically custom-built SQL or even Access databases. Because data aggregation, cleansing, and reporting are so complex, many of our members are limited in their ability to access their claims data.

Use Case

Many of NLC Mutual’s members lack the staffing and expertise to pull this data together, so we proposed to give every client a prepaid Domo sublicense and show them how to use it for data aggregation and reporting. Our own board was skeptical at first, but the potential efficiency gains were persuasive.

Working with one client at a time, we worked with IT staff to automate claims feeds for “set and forget” efficiency and not create an ongoing burden. We extracted the claims data using Domo Workbench and SFTP Connector, then built Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) sequences to aggregate and clean it. At that point, we validated the data with management staff: “Is this what you expect to see?” After validation, we can quickly create cards that often provide insight into their data they had not seen, which empowers them to better run their organization.


States don’t compete against one another, so risk-pool administrators are a tight-knit bunch. Word quickly spread that this new Domo benefit was available from NLC Mutual, and now adoption is close to 100%. And it’s no accident that our premiums—the way we measure our business—have doubled since we started sublicensing Domo and that they’re still on a growth path.

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