/ New features roundup: From Data Apps to Domo Multicloud

It’s one thing to have accurate data insights at your fingertips. It’s another for those insights to power business outcomes. And in today’s highly competitive business world, having the latter capability can make for a significant advantage. 
Domo understands this reality, which is why it is so laser-focused on offering a piece of software that is designed to generate meaningful business results.  
At the heart of that effort now are Data Apps, which were the theme of Domopalooza 2022. During Domo’s annual user conference last month, everyone from Domo’s CEO, John Mellor, to a wide range of Domo customers talked about how Data Apps—new low-code tools built on the Domo platform and conceived to put actionable information into the hands of anyone within an organization, right where the work gets done—are helping individuals and teams move faster and with more autonomy so they can “take bigger swings,” Mellor said. 
Among those new tools is Workflows, which is “the feature that enables data apps to become action-oriented,” said Mark Maughan, Domo’s interim chief marketing officer.  
Workflows gives data apps an automated component, transforming those apps into intelligent business processes. For example, if you’re in the retail business, and there’s a price swing on a product type across the industry, you can have your Workflow send a price change request to a pricing analyst in Domo. After the request is approved, Workflows can automatically update the price in your e-commerce system and publish directly to your website in real time. 

Watch the following video clip to see the new tool in action:

Another key feature of the new Domo apps framework is DDX Bricks, which accelerates the adoption of data apps because it allows citizen developers to quickly iterate on design without having to create their own advanced analytics from scratch. 
DDX Bricks isn’t new—but it is easier to use than ever before.  
“Now, you can easily drop pre-built Brick templates directly into your data apps from Domo’s all-new mini app store browser as you work on your apps,” said Beth Saenz, Domo’s VP of engineering. “Then, you can tweak and enhance them on the fly like any other DDX Brick.” 
Also during Domopalooza, Domo unveiled four industry-specific data apps—for customers in retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG), and financial services. The FinServ solution is designed to give organizations such as banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies near real-time insight into customer preferences so they can drive more valuable, longer-term relationships with customers. 
Other new features or product upgrades that were announced during #DP22 include:

  • Enhancements to Domo Multicloud, which is essential to the modern data experience because it lets businesses leverage numerous cloud warehouses as one consolidated backbone. “This means that all of your data is available and usable to power data apps across your business,” said Nikos Acuna, Domo’s senior director of product marketing.
  • Microsoft Office Add-ins, which allow you to add Domo analytics into Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations without leaving Office, ensuring that the data in your document is always up to date and making your work more efficient.
  • Enterprise Toolkit, a three-pronged solution designed to help you meet the challenges of data governance, approvals and process management, and consistency; and
  • Smart Text for Notebook Cards, card titles, and card descriptions, which better helps users understand data in dashboards by providing important context about the data powering the visualizations.

Learn more about all of the above and other new features and product upgrades. Or, watch a replay of Domopalooza 2022 to hear and see how each feature or product is transforming business.

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