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At Domo, we’re obsessed with applying technology to improve the way business is managed. Last year, we established the Domo Scholarship for Business Management, designed to help up-and-coming leaders compete more effectively as new technologies and data’s role in business continue to increase in practice and importance.

The 2013 application was focused on eliciting what students had to say about the role of data in business management. The response was tremendous.  More than 4,000 applicants competed for our two $2,500 scholarships. Through the essays we received, it was clear that this next generation of leaders is acutely aware of and excited by data’s expanding role in business management.

This year we wanted to find out what this group—the most “mobile generation: ever”—had to say about how businesses could better use mobile technologies to compete more effectively. We’re excited to see the ideas that pour forth.

If you know a bright student studying business management at an accredited, four-year-school based in the U.S, point them here. We have two $2,500 scholarships waiting.

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