/ Making an Impact with Domo’s Data Experience Platform

Everyone wants to make an impact. It’s a drive that unites all of us and gives meaning to the work we do.  

At Domo, we believe that data has the power to multiply the impact everyone can make, whether they are the data scientist, the frontline manager, or the person driving the delivery vehicle.  

The challenge most companies face, however, is that the data has been traditionally locked up and accessible to only a few.  

And since data is only as useful as what you can do with it, we believe that it’s time to embrace a much bigger idea about data. It must go beyond charts and graphs. To create exponential impact, data must work for everyone, and in ways people would never think of as BI or analytics.  

We’ve made such incredible strides over the past decade putting data to work in new ways that this vision is truly becoming a reality.  

That’s why, today, we’re calling Domo a data experience platform.  


What is a data experience?  

Data experiences are all about delivering insights that work the way people do—easy to understand regardless of data fluency and easy to customize for any role in the organization.  

Let me give you some examples of how we’ve seen individuals put data experiences into action:

  • Improving Productivity: A scrap manager at an aluminum products company is substantially improving productivity by shaving 10 minutes off the time it takes each truck to move through the production process.  
  • Enhancing Patient Experiences: Educators at a medical foundation are using data to help make medical procedures less scary for kids.  
  • Preventing Risk: Safety professionals at a construction company are using data to save lives by logging the risk for injury and taking action to implement and reinforce safety measures. 

Empowering individuals like these with data simply adds a spark to natural curiosity. That spark unleashes new ways of thinking and inspires actions that create more impact. That’s the power of data experiences and Domo’s data experience platform.  


How do we get to exponential business impact?  

It takes the right combination of technology, ongoing innovation, and fundamental focus on people, which Domo uniquely brings together in our data experience platform. We’ve built a future-proof data foundation created for the cloud, beautiful visualizations, hardcore tools for data science, best-in-class distribution and embed capabilities, and powerful apps that go from no-code simplicity to pro-code custom experiences—all with the security and governance IT needs and the agility and ease to respond to opportunities in the moment.  

Our approach, which has always been rooted in making data accessible and actionable for all, reflects our commitment to empowering people to go beyond and make more happen.   

The human drive to create impact is a mighty force, and bold data experiences help shape our purpose and enrich our business. They spark curiosity and inspire action. Data experiences make remarkable individuals even better and help them achieve profound results.  

We want each of you to realize the benefits of this reality, and hope you’ll join us in building the future of bold curiosity and exponential impact together. 

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