/ Infographic: The Future of BI

There’s a storm comin’.

Well, figuratively anyway. Out here in Utah, it’s been dry as a bone. We even had to cancel our family’s annual holiday break sledding trip (in related news, my back is doing great).

The storm is in BI. You’ve probably heard the buzz. Many of the prognosticators are pointing to 2012, not as the year the earth falls off the Mayan calendar and into oblivion, but as the advent of real business user-focused BI. The year when non-techies get the kind of access to business data we’ve been promised for years. (More on that from Domo coming very soon.) The infographic below, based on a survey of BI professionals by TechTarget, seems to concur. Control of BI continues to shift to departments outside of IT, and companies are investing in end user-focused solutions. Take a look and let us know if you agree.

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