/ How data science can elevate your sales team

Sales people often have to wear multiple hats on the road to closing a deal. Challenges tend to crop up time and again, forcing the sales person to come up with ways to stay the course and keep the opportunity moving forward.

That’s why it’s never been easy to crush quota. Sales is often battle-heavy, trench warfare. Sometimes you have to scratch and claw just to gain appointments. Other times, a situation beyond your control—such as the coronavirus crisis we’re all facing right now—can set you or the process back. Every dollar is hard-earned.

The best sales reps are exactly that: amazing sales people. They can take good information and turn it into revenue. I emphasize the word “good” in that sentence for good reason.

“The quality of information you have at your disposal is critical,” said Keith White, Domo’s director of corporate sales. “It can mean the difference between winning and losing accounts.”

If you are a part of the information provision equation at your organization, I ask: What kind of data are you giving your sales team? And how easy is it for them to use it?

As someone whose entire career has revolved around data—whether it be as a research associate, a lab manager, or a solutions consultant—I can tell you that data science has the ability to deliver extremely valuable, actionable information to your sales team. For instance:

  • Sales prediction models can tell your reps which deals are at risk (and why), as well as what they should do to decrease the risk in those deals.
  • Lead scoring and opportunity size models can help your reps focus on the real and large opportunities that they don’t spot on their own.
  • Campaign ROI models can help marketing generate the most valuable leads rather than just the most leads.
  • Recommendation engines and market basket analysis can inform your reps of what they should cross-sell or up-sell.

While data science can deliver all this information, there can be obstacles to the actual delivery of it. For instance, lots of organizations lack data science talent. And even organizations that do have the talent sometimes keep the information in an inaccessible place—or offer it up in a hard-to-use or difficult-to-understand format.

Being in either position is problematic. But fortunately, there’s a solution. With Domo, companies have access to a full suite of data science tools as well as a data science team full of PhD holders with extensive real-world data science delivery experience. They can either help you jumpstart your information delivery efforts or get the information to your reps in a fashion that is clear and constructive.

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