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Here, at Domo, we really dig Halloween. Just check out some of our Halloweens past. We’re also really into data, if you haven’t heard. That’s why these wicked Halloween stats from the National Retail Federation caught our eyeballs! They surveyed 6,791 consumers back in September to find out that more than half of all Americans plan on celebrating Halloween in some form this year, and what their plans for celebrating are. Some of the answers were as expected—like the fact that consumers buy more Halloween candy than costumes or decor—and others came as a bit of a surprise. After 11 years as the #1 costume, superheroes took the top spot for kids—boys and girls alike! It’s also expected to be the biggest Halloween yet, with an estimated 14 million more people celebrating the holiday than last year, and overall spending hitting an all-time high at a whopping 8.4 billion dollars.

Check out more spooky stats below, and have a happy and safe Halloween from all of us at Domo!



*Correction to infographic data: “Out of all Halloween purchases this year” should read “Out of all purchases consumers plan to make this year.”

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