/ Forrester Case Study: The Total Economic Impact of Domo.

You’ve seen what Domo can do. How it brings together your data and your people in ways that help you make better business decisions every single day. How it gives insights in real-time so you can take action when it counts. You’ve even gotten a glimpse of Domo in action through our Daily Dose demo series.

But maybe you’re still trying to decide if Domo is really worth the investment—or still trying to convince your boss that it is. Wouldn’t it be great to see some solid numbers, so you can be confident you’ll get a good return on your investment?

That’s why Domo commissioned Forrester Consulting, an independent research firm, to conduct its Total Economic Impact study on the value of a Domo investment. Here’s a summary of what they found:

Domo_ForresterCaseStudy_infographic (1)

Forrester interviewed, and conducted financial analysis on, four Domo customers. Each has been a customer for a few years, and each has seen some serious positive impact from investing in Domo.

What do we mean by positive impact? How about a $12 million revenue increase in a single year—that kind of impact.

In fact, Forrester determined that Domo has a 294% return on investment for its customers. That’s the kind of ROI you normally just dream about. And with an average payback time of less than a month, that return comes back pretty fast.

Domo is completely changing the game with real-time business optimization. As the director of business intelligence at one of the companies interviewed by Forrester said, “Now that we have Domo, we are light years ahead of anything that we had before.”

The Domo platform gives you the big-picture view you need of your organization to gain actionable insights and make the decisions that matter while they matter. It does this by optimizing real-time data, improving visibility, and increasing productivity—and it does it all with self-service capabilities.

Curious to see what else the Forrester study found? Check out the full report for yourself:



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