/ Domopalooza 2021: Top 3 breakout sessions in each track

Whether you are a business decision-maker eager to learn how to better evaluate dashboards and reports, an IT professional interested in becoming a data integration expert, or, say, a data scientist or app developer anxious to generate more value for your organization, Domopalooza 2021 has got you covered. 
With three distinct tracks—Data Literacy, Data Agility, and Intelligent Action—the Modern BI event of the year is sure to provide something for every registrant. 
The problem is, it’s impossible to take in every breakout under your preferred track on conference afternoon itself. It’s just how the agenda materialized given the volume of content we’re offering. 
So, how do you go about planning the perfect Domopalooza day experience? Simple: Keep reading for the top three roundtables and workshops in each track, as selected by those most responsible for pulling together one of our strongest Domopalooza programs ever. 
Data Literacy 
Ideal for: consumers of data; those who want to use data to make better business decisions; professionals who supply the business with insights; etc.  
2 p.m. ET — Curiosity and the Future of Data-Driven Culture  
The next phase of BI evolution will come from the unknown—and data curiosity will be the spark that ignites the enthusiasm needed to help employees, partners, and customers put data to work in new ways. In this roundtable, discover how to create data curiosity throughout your organization—while maintaining security and control. 
2:45 p.m. — Upskilling Data Curiosity to the Masses  
In today’s fast-paced world, a company-wide, data-driven culture is vital to success. In this workshop, learn what goes into building and maintaining such a culture—and why data curiosity and a light data governance framework are such critical components of that effort. 
5:45 p.m. — Data for Persuasion  
Data literacy is critical to making data work in a way that drives better decisions and processes across your business. In this session, hear how a $21 billion healthcare provider successfully bolstered data literacy at all levels of the organization, thereby creating a company now powered by self-service BI. 
Data Agility 
Ideal for: workers who spend their time in the back end, connecting data sources, integrating data, and preparing it for analysis; those who manage security and governance; etc. 
2 p.m. ET — Becoming an Agile Enterprise  
In order to be a truly modular, composable, and agile enterprise in the age of constant disruption, you need to have three things: strong foundations in cloud data integration; augmented BI workflows; and ways to deliver more sophisticated data products across lines of business. This panel explores how such data agility principles lead to success. 
4:15 p.m. — The Data Governance Playbook  
By exploring the nuts and bolts of data governance with Domo, this workshop not only reveals the guiding principles for success in that department, it shows you how to put those principles into action, so you can confidently put end-to-end data management into practice. 
5:45 p.m. — Distributing Intelligence  
While modern BI is vital to every company’s internal strategy and operations, it’s just as important to your customers. In this workshop, see how a healthcare company is using embedded and extended analytics solutions to help everyone within its ecosystem do their jobs better.  
Intelligent Action 
Ideal for: professionals on the hook to build data solutions for their organization; those who want to deliver next-level insights that drive smart decisions; etc. 
2 p.m. ET — Developing a Bias for Action  
Being truly data-driven means moving beyond exploratory dashboards to empowering teams to take action based on data. This roundtable will explore how different types of organizations have done just that, and discuss how norm-shattering events have driven the need to narrow the gap between analysis and action. 
4:15 p.m. — Demystifying Data Science in Domo 
Whether you are a data science rookie or a seasoned pro, you can use it to empower decision-making at your organization. In this session, ramp up your knowledge of production data science in Domo and gain tips and tricks for expediting data preparation, setting up effective data science pipelines and architectures. 
5:45 p.m. — There’s an App for That 
How can you use Domo’s Intelligent Apps capabilities to create your own solutions that drive action from your data, regardless of your technical experience? This workshop covers everything from how to identify problems in your business that the Domo app platform can solve to how to leverage various APIs to bring your business’ workflows into Domo. 
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