/ Domopalooza 2017: A Look Back

Domopalooza 2017 went down just over a week ago, and what an event it was! From absolutely incredible speakers and presenters, to parties that brought down the house, it never stopped short of being the palooza we promised it would be.

The Revolution

The theme of this year’s Domopalooza was “You Are the Revolution,” and attendees really took the message to heart, recognizing how they can—and have already—started a revolution in their own organizations. What does it mean to be the revolution? According to Domo founder and CEO, Josh James, it means:

“It’s those of you who have stood up and led your organizations and are really changing things. Domo is transforming businesses in ways that no one expected. It’s about everybody in the company. When we say data is for the people, we mean all the people.”



Domopalooza 2017 hosted a stunning lineup of keynote speakers, each revolutionaries who followed a vision, used data and technology in ways nobody ever had before, and changed their industries in the process.

Theo Epstein
President of Baseball Operations, Chicago Cubs


“Everyone can buy into pushing themselves to get to the truth.” In his keynote speech, Theo Epstein talked about how data analytics helped him build a world-series winning team, from finding the best players to building a culture of real character and loyalty within the sport.


Ed Catmull
President, Pixar Animation Studios and Disney Animation Studios


“How do I make people more creative?” is not the right question. The right question is, “what are the management and cultural forces that block creativity?” Ed Catmull discussed the importance of creating a creative, problem-solving culture where no one is afraid to give his or her opinion, and no one is afraid of failure.



Nate Silver
Editor-in-chief, FiveThirtyEight



“There is an objective world out there, but by definition, our individual viewpoints are always subjective.” Nate Silver’s keynote focused on removing individual opinions to find truth in data, including how to identify uncertainty and iterate to discover what the data is really saying.


Customer speakers

You don’t have to be an Ed Catmull or Theo Epstein to be a revolutionary. This year’s event showcased how Domo customers started revolutions in their own companies. The audience heard from Ben Schein and Lisa Roath of Target, Jon Ryley of Balfour Beatty, Christel Bouvron of Sephora, Olivier Vankerk of UHG, and Dave Katz of Univision, among many others, about how Domo revolutionized their organizations.



The insights didn’t stop there. Domo customers shared their success stories and their revolutionary moments in over 40 customer-driven breakout sessions—most with standing room only as attendees soaked up use cases, best practices, and insights from the presentations.


Product Announcements


Catherine Wong, Chief Product Officer of Domo, and her team revealed some product updates that are truly revolutionary and will disrupt the way business is being done. Check out the new features that were announced:

  • Domo Business-in-a-Box is packed with pre-installed dashboards.
  • Annotations allow you to draw and write directly on cards to call out the most important points.
  • Analyzer dives you deeper into your data and verify data. Self-guided analytics allows you to explore data better.
  • Alert Center keeps your finger on the pulse of your business with automated alerts.
  • Domo Everywhere lets you share and embed Domo cards anywhere.

Find out more about the new features here. It’s obvious that these product announcements, plus some sneak-peeks of what’s coming, were a big hit with the #DP17 crowd.



Even with new product features on the horizon, Domo’s always looking to the future. The product team closed out the conference with a features Q&A, asking the Domopalooza audience what features they’d most like to see in Domo.

Concerts and Parties

It’s not Domopalooza without the palooza, and this year’s event was jumping. From the gorgeous opening reception to kick things off, to a very Zen lounge, a day on the slopes, and back-to-back concerts Wednesday and Thursday night, the party didn’t stop. Attendees danced and sang along to live performances by Miguel, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Kesha, and Jason Derulo.

Partner Pavilion


One of the highlights of Domopalooza is always our sponsors. This year, we had a full Partner Pavilion with an incredibly popular App Showcase.

Social Buzz

Domopalooza 2017 was lighting up the Twittersphere. In fact, there were over 10,000 #DP17 tweets, and the event reached over 47 million on social.

As always, we gave out social awards to this year’s biggest #DP17 social butterflies. Special congrats to our winners!

Most popular: Bruno Carlo Mingardo, @Bruno_Minga


Class clown: Brian Vauter, @sacaver


Out-of-the-box: Jessica Shepherd, @DigitallyJess

Best photo: Mike Rejniak, @the_real_rej

Best conference quote: Stephen Hilton, @stephenmhilton


Grand prize winner: Craig Smolich, @Sonnhawk

Mark Your Calendars

Ready to do it all again? We know we are. Save the date for Domopalooza 2018, happening March 13-16, 2018. Registration coming soon!

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