/ Domo Data Science Resources Guide Helps You Do More with Your Data

The Data Science Resources Guide is your one-stop shop for all help resources related to Domo data science products.  

Domo offers a suite of data science and machine learning tools to help you do more with your data. These tools include Jupyter Workspaces, Magic ETL R/Python Scripting Tiles (Scripting Tiles), Magic ETL Data Science Action Tiles (Action Tiles), and AutoML. Learning how to use these tools for the first time or in new ways is now easier than ever with our Data Science Resources Guide.  

Check out the guide for helpful articles, how-to videos, and data science webinars 

Help resources in the guide are organized by product, so you can easily view all Knowledge Base articles, how-to videos, and data science webinars on the tool you are interested in. For example, the section on Scripting Tiles currently lists all 7 Knowledge Base articles related to Scripting Tiles, a video demo of how to use Scripting Tiles, and code blocks (that are available for free in the Domo Appstore) that can be used in Scripting Tiles.  

The Knowledge Base articles, product walkthroughs, and short how-to videos available in the guide provide an intuitive, step-by-step introduction to each data science tool. These help resources are typically listed at the top of each product section in the guide. Recent additions include an interactive product walkthrough of Jupyter Workspaces and a how-to video on using the Magic ETL Forecasting Action Tile

For information on how to conduct specific analysis or modeling techniques using the data science tools, check out the data science webinars listed in the guide. These webinars are presented by data scientists on the Domo Data Science Professional Services Team and other Domo experts. Recent webinars highlight how to build & interpret forecasting models or use ChatGPT within Domo

Lastly, the Data Science Resources Guide contains a list of webinars where Domo users discuss and demo their data science use cases. Watch these webinars to see how other companies are leveraging the Domo data science tools in innovative and impactful ways (and how your company can too!). For example, see how TELUS (a telecommunications company) predicted order failure using a machine learning model and the Domo dashboards they created to share model results with stakeholders.  

Questions? Email the Domo Data Science Professional Services team! 

The Data Science Resources Guide will be updated over time as more help resources become available. If you have suggestions on other help resources that would be useful to create or data science topics that should be explored in a webinar, let us know by emailing datascienceSME@domo.com

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