/ Customer Story: Stance

Chances are, you’ve heard about Stance socks. In the six years since Stance socks first hit the market, they’ve taken the world by storm. Now, Jay-Z raps about them, Rihanna designs them, and NBA players sport them on the court.

Enter Domo.


“Before Domo, we had no way to see how each part of our business affected each other,” said Stance’s CEO Jeff Kearl. “I felt like a CEO with a blindfold on.”

With Domo, Stance can finally make critical business decisions based on real-time data—no more guesswork. Our unique business management platform transforms complex data into easy-to-understand visualizations that enable everyone to understand the story behind the numbers.

“The first impression was beautiful,” said Brian Shea, Stance’s VP of Finance. “The colors, the aspect of it, the ease of manipulating it… If I could sum it up in one word, it would be: magical.”

Interested in hearing more about how Domo took Stance from 99 problems to none?

Attendees at Domopalooza 2016 got to hear it straight from the source. Shea took the stage on Tuesday, March 22 to share how Domo helps share information more effectively with the Board, and improves communicaton across the organization.


“We switched to using Domo [for board meetings] about a year ago, and the reception was incredible,” said Shea. “We give [board members] the Board Preso subpage, and we really trim it down so they are only seeing the most important things. They love it.”

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