/ Customer Story: Jefferson Health

You likely don’t spend your day worrying about E.R. wait times or how long it will take your insurance to authorize chemo treatment…until you’re relying on those services to save your life.

As a leading healthcare provider, Jefferson Health focuses on innovation to help them become the best health services provider. But when patient feedback showed a need for improvement in their emergency services department, they weren’t able to immediately identify exactly what the problem was because the data wasn’t readily available in an actionable manner.

Slow, old, incomplete data is a headache for most business, but it can mean the difference between life and death for a healthcare provider.

That’s why Jefferson Health sought technology to help them optimize operations, enhance the consumer experience, and deliver business value to the organization. To do that, they needed a way to capture metrics to measure the success of the initiative and give the executive team continuous updates on progress.

They found their answer in Domo.

Jefferson Health started tackling the customer experience by optimizing clinical processes. They developed a latency detection application for the medical oncology appointment system and plugged that data into Domo. The insights were almost instantaneous, and the changes they brought about were astounding. In fact, rapid improvement was seen across the board.

“It’s amazing how quickly you can change things by having access to real-time data.”

– Carol Haines, Vice President of Clinical Transformation

After Domo

  • Time to get insurance authorization for chemotherapy appointments: 22 to 3.5 days
  • Average time to see a provider: Almost an hour to 19 minutes
  • Left without being seen rate: 4.6 to 0.8 percent

With Domo, Jefferson Health wasn’t able to just do analytics rapidly and intuitively, but they were able to spend the kind of time with their patients that they really needed.

“Domo is helping us improve the quality of care for our patients and also helping us meeto our goal of saving lives, every day.” Neil Gomes | Vice President of Technology Innovation and Consumer Experience

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