/ Collaborative data analytics: How Domo helps share business insights with ease.

Corporate collaboration in the digital age.

Sure, your business data is important. But data alone is only half the equation. You rely on people— your people and the people who work alongside you—to provide the context and insights you need to make smarter, data-driven decisions. But collaboration isn’t always easy, particularly when your conversations are unhinged from the data you need to talk about.

Domo’s Buzz delivers insights from the people who know your business best. Here are a few other ways your business will benefit when collaboration meets context:

Delivering news, not noise.

In some cases, executives and their teams don’t adopt collaboration platforms because the streams of conversations aren’t pertinent to their role. By organizing conversations into channels, a business collaboration platform like Domo’s Buzz only delivers what matters most.

Instead of hopping from a collaboration portal to an email app, Buzz users can privately, or publicly, message any of their colleagues within the app, as well as:

  • Collaborate around real-time business data within Domo
  • Bring data from 3rd party applications into any discussion
  • Share files without leaving the app—no email necessary

No need for FOMO.

Just like in the physical world, there can be distractions in digital collaboration spaces. That’s why, if an employee needs some clarification on something which is mentioned in a presentation, they can initiate a side-bar conversation through Buzz with a colleague.

And if there are “Buzz-worthy” topics or projects of utmost importance to a user, they can set alerts for themselves so they are always up-to-speed with the latest developments.

Easy scalability and onboarding.

For many companies that still rely on traditional, static messaging systems, onboarding a new user requires adding a subscription license in addition to other tedious administration activities.

With Buzz, users can invite anyone in their organization to join the conversation—even non-Domo users—from within the app with just a few clicks. Check out Buzz to learn more.

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