/ Business Automation Engine: Connecting Action to Insight

Driving actions from insights has long been a challenge for businesses. Currently, it goes something like this …

Someone requests a report, it takes anywhere from days or weeks to produce, it’s often static, it’s difficult to drill into and interpret, and by the time you’ve understood the data and extracted an insight, it’s too late to action, or you’ve moved on to put out the next fire.

Domo’s director of data strategy, Brent Dykes, has shared how these “actionable insights” are the missing link. And it’s not surprising that while 74% of firms say they want to be “data driven,” only 29% are actually successful at connecting analytics to action.

It’s a really tough challenge for businesses, and Domo understands this intimately, as it’s the problem we’ve spent the last eight years addressing—and invested over to $400 million in R&D trying to solve.

So, I was beyond excited when we made an announcement at Domopalooza that takes actionable insight to the next level.

Introducing the Business Automation Engine

Domo has announced the Business Automation Engine (BAE), a new capability in the platform that will bring automation to your insights-driven actions.

It’s an orchestration layer that uses machine learning and advanced alerting capabilities to help organisations coordinate intelligent, event-based workflows, shortening the time from insights to action.

The BAE works across all of your business’s data, systems and people. Where before you could get alerts in Domo, now you can get alerts with a suggested action—and a link to take you there and make the change, in the moment.

This action can even be fully automated, removing the human element completely, to write back into important systems.

For example, if one insight required an action to be completed via your service desk platform, you could write back to that platform with the required data, and raise the ticket to the necessary person. Instant insight with instant action.

From platform to performance

For the first time, the BAE is writing back from a data platform into the fabric of your business. By providing a prompt with a planned out action already in place, or fully automating essential activity, it’s using data to directly run your business.

For example, if a warehouse supply drops beneath 20%, you can direct the system to order more stock, either independently or using alerts so a human can intervene to provide approval.

Domo provides all the necessary information needed in that instant, facilitating a workflow for approval, and action within a source system. Everything happens with one click.

Ultimately, Domo is focused on solving business problems with data as the tool. Now, we have the connectivity both within and outside the platform to allow businesses to transform their processes.

I talk often about how Domo allows you to run your business from your phone. With the Business Automation Engine, we’re moving beyond data to automated action. Now, when we say action to insight, it no longer means just human action. Automation is the key.

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