/ App of the week: Salesforce Bundle

You have several deals on the verge of closing, several more on the verge of disappearing altogether, and you’re stuck running a report on what happened last week—or worse, last month.

Sound all too familiar?

You need insights from your CRM, and you need them now. We get it. That’s why we built apps to give you just that. This Salesforce Bundle includes three of our top Salesforce apps and drops your key sales metrics side by side where you can compare and share them with the team.

We’re talking a live view of what’s happening on your team, in your pipeline, and what’s coming down the funnel next. You need the kind of insights that help you make decisions in an instant, close deals in a snap, and forecast what’s coming, without wasting time running reports.

Let’s take a closer look at this bundle of Salesforce apps and how they can help you become a sultan of sales.

Salesforce Sales Rep Scorecard

Quantifying your individual reps’ value isn’t always an easy task. Your top rep may be handling smaller deals, and your bottom rep’s only been here a week. The Salesforce Rep Scorecard app lets you see all the components that go into performance at a glance so you can drive better results from everyone.

Sales Trend

It’s not just about selling now, it’s about selling in the future—and selling better in the future. This app helps you track and compare metrics from past sales and get live data to spot trends now so you can start forecasting like a boss.

Salesforce Pipeline Velocity

This app gives you the average days to close and conversion rates at each stage of your funnel so you can make an effective decision on everything from holding training, to reducing stage-to-stage friction, to forecasting the number of leads required to hit quotas.

The best part of this bundle, is you get all of these apps together, so you can cross-reference metrics and crank up the productivity—and success—of your sales team, from the pipeline to rep performance.

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