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It can often feel as if your organization’s entire well-being hinges on the unpredictable ups and downs of the sales pipeline. Sometimes, every prospect you touch turns to gold, and business is good. Other times, an entire stack of qualified leads vanishes into thin air, and you’re left scrambling for answers. Without the right insights into how and why these events occur, sales managers and marketing professionals have no choice but to sweat out sleepless nights, hoping they’ve generated enough leads to hit their revenue goals.

Of course, the forces that dictate sales pipeline performance aren’t actually that mysterious. In reality, your conversion rate is nothing more than the sum total of thousands of observable data points, consisting of the prospects you’re trying to woo and the interactions you’ve had with them thus far. While good fortune is certainly nice, what companies really need are technology tools that can analyze this data to give them visibility into what’s actually happening inside the sales funnel.

That’s where Domo comes in!

Pipeline Velocity brings unprecedented transparency to the entire funnel

Domo’s Pipeline Velocity app gives sales organizations granular insights into each stage of the sales funnel. In just a few clicks, marketing and sales professionals can find their historical conversion rates and average close times for different categories of prospects.

By analyzing this data in real time, Pipeline Velocity precisely predicts how many of the leads in your funnel will convert, how long it will take them to do so, and how much money you can expect to make from those deals. Once you’ve taken the guesswork out of pipeline performance, you’ll finally be able to rest easy with the knowledge that you’re on track to meet your goals.

From insights to action in a matter of minutes

If it turns out you’re not on track to meet your revenue goals, Pipeline Velocity gives you the tools you need to identify and improve on your weaknesses. With a simple user interface and advanced analyzer features, sales managers can filter deals by team leader, sales rep, and funnel stage to see where things are breaking down. From there, you can begin making changes to shorten the sales cycle and lift conversion rates.

For instance, if your marketing qualified leads aren’t turning into sales accepted opportunities, you can use this information to tweak how your marketing team identifies prospective customers. Or if one particular sales team is struggling to convert sales qualified leads, you can offer additional training on the best ways to reach out to prospects. In fact, you can even drill down into individual prospects to save an at-risk deal before it falls apart.

Sales Pipeline Screenshot

More than anything, Pipeline Velocity turns the chaos of the sales funnel into a transparent process that users can finally enjoy some control over.

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