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It’s not rocket science that revenue is the lifeblood of a company. So we can use simple deductive reasoning to conclude that sales teams are pretty darn important. But does yours get the TLC they deserve, or do you find that some of your best opportunities are at times a bit neglected—or even slip through the cracks?

Take a peek at this week’s featured app, Opportunity Center. It’s here to help inspire lead management and collaboration between sales reps and managers. Make sure your team is targeted, on track, and bringing home the bacon at every chance possible.

Keep track of every single deal in your sales pipeline—and organize by timeline, risk, sales rep, and stage.

Say goodbye to long, tedious spreadsheets or messages and tasks flying around in a project management platform. Opportunity Center pulls sales data directly from your CRM and transforms it into clear, concise visualizations that illustrate your bottom line and how you can grow it.

You can organize your deals with several filters, in addition to scoping out the biggest opportunities in the sales pipeline:

  • Timeline: See each opportunity’s forecasted close date—including those scheduled to close within the next few days—so you can focus on staying timely and relevant.
  • Risk: What’s in the way of the sale? Has communication been neglected by the sales team or has the client stalled progress with questions or concerns?
  • Sales rep: See which member of your sales team is working on each opportunity so you can better collaborate and offer assistance when needed to close the deal.
  • Stage: Monitor opportunities as they progress through five stages: Initial, Accepted, Qualified, Proposal, and Negotiate.


Drill-down on each opportunity to see everything there is to know to move forward.

In addition to seeing all opportunities organized by certain criteria, you can also focus in on each opportunity and where it stands. Beyond the structured data—such as who’s on the sale, how much it’s worth, and when the last activity was—you’re able to see unstructured data like each individual sales rep’s notes.

Perhaps the account is stuck in the pipeline because the client is pushing back on technical specs and won’t proceed until the issue is clarified. Your sales management team can then work more closely with the rep to handle what needs to be done. The result: converting your lead into a happy customer.

Opportunity Center App

With Domo’s Opportunity Center, your team will be better equipped to communicate, collaborate, and meet your brand’s revenue goals.

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