/ App of the Week: Jira QuickStart

When it comes to software development, time is of the essence. At any given moment, development and product teams are faced with thousands of bugs, project tasks, and help desk tickets—all of which must be handled in an orderly fashion. If companies have to wait days or even weeks to get reports from their project management software, they run the risk of letting major issues slip through the cracks until it’s too late to fix them.

But with Domo’s JIRA QuickStart App, developers and product teams no longer have to worry about falling behind on their most pressing tasks. With just a few clicks, JIRA users can enjoy an interactive dashboard containing the critical, real-time data they need to stay on top of issues as they come up.

JIRA QuickStart keeps you up-to-date on your most important projects.

Once you upload your JIRA data to the QuickStart app, you’ll have all of your key software development data right at your fingertips. Through a series of interactive data visualizations, JIRA QuickStart gives you up-to-the-minute insight into your workflow, allowing you to quickly track new, open, and completed issues.

Jira Quickstart App

Crucially, the app combines JIRA data from across multiple teams, giving users a company-wide overview of project management. As a result, different departments can use the platform to communicate with one another on new products and upcoming development changes, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page at all times.

Resolve issues in real time—before they become a problem for your company.

JIRA QuickStart’s steady stream of real-time data gives you the flexibility to wipe out bugs and help desk tickets before they can significantly harm your bottom line. For instance, if a product manager sees an unusually high number of issues on a specific day, they can quickly take action to identify and fix the root problem.

And because the app collects data company-wide, product teams can spot software development issues that might affect their own well-being. Together, these departments can use JIRA QuickStart to collaborate in real time on finding the best solution for a given issue.

Best of all? The app is fully customizable for any workflow. Regardless of how your teams are organized, JIRA QuickStart empowers you to complete tasks and resolve issues in record time.

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