/ App of the Week: CourseBuilder

If you’re on an HR team, an opps team, or an L&D team, you’re probably familiar with the organizational and clarity-related issues that can come when trying to train a group (or an entire organization) to learn a new method or program. Ideally, you’d have a comprehensive e-learning tool that would help you create training courses fast and easily, with the ability to customize them however you want for whoever you want, for multiple video channels.

Coursebuilder App

Domo’s CourseBuilder app is a proprietary e-learning authoring tool that publishes a training module as an app within Domo—and one in which any user with permissions can create, share, and present content in a scalable way. The CourseBuilder app gives team leaders the tool they need to train their people efficiently, easily, and consistently. It’s available as a desktop application within the Appstore. It looks professional, is intuitive to navigate, and generates positive interest around Domo—so employees will understand its function, purpose, and importance in your company.

Key features of CourseBuilder include an easy-to-use interface, instructionally-sound templates, auto-publishing to your specific instance, and the option to publish to the Appstore. Customization exists from page styles all the way down to color themes. It’s been designed so that anyone with minimal technical skill can create an app using it—no programming or graphic design degree required. You have several page options to choose from when building your app, each with its own unique purpose, capabilities, and learning values built in. Domo University will be adding even more page options for you down the road, but has started you off with nine helpful templates that can accommodate a wide array of eLearning/training needs.

Why use CourseBuilder? You can customize Domo training content for your own teams. You can create any training and publish it into Domo, so it’s scalable content for use by anyone, at any time, anywhere, via Domo. It’s a user-friendly tool that makes for dramatically improved training and paves the way to better utilization of Domo—and it can help any company create a standardized onboarding process.

CourseBuilder - Tracking behavior in google analytics

You can even track behavior with the app in Domo via Google Analytics, and then build reports of that data in Domo for your training app. The apps produced by CourseBuilder are optimized for the Google Chrome browser, and apps uploaded to Domo should not exceed 100 MB in size, as this will diminish the ability of the browser to render the app in a timely manner. To provide feedback on CourseBuilder, you can send an email to product.feedback@domo.com. If you experience any problems with CourseBuilder that you can’t resolve using articles already available in the Knowledge Base, please contact Support.

And remember the best advice of all when creating a training course: the less text-heavy your slides are, the better. Show—don’t tell.

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