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Announcing our first Domo Dojo Contest- share your story and win a chance to a free pass to Domopalooza 2016!

I am pleased to announce our first ever Domo Dojo contest! We want to hear from you our customers to share your Domo expertise and story with the Dojo community! We are giving away a total of 3 full Domopalooza 2016 passes, one for each category winner! In addition, all entries will earn a unique Dojo badge and extra points that may influence your belt ranking in the Dojo. The Domo Dojo contest rules can be found here. Please spread the word with your colleagues!

How to enter:

Please visit the Domo Dojo contest board here. Dojo members may submit one entry per category and no more than three in total. All entries will be submitted in the same board. The three categories are as follows:

  1. “Best Beast Mode formula”- Please share with us a Beast Mode formula that you value the most and can be considered the most leveraged in your environment. In your submission please put in the title “Best Beast Mode formula”.
  2. “Most actionable “impactful” card. Please share with us what you believe to be a card that has is highly actionable and impactful in your business. In your submission, please put in the title “Most actionable/impactful card”.
  3. “Best Domo use case or story”. Please describe how Domo has impacted you. In your submission, please put in the title “Best Domo Story”.

Once your entry is submitted, each entry can be voted up by anyone else in the Dojo. We will consider entries with the most votes as leading candidates. We will also have an internal Domo committee to review all entries. Quality matters and not necessarily the entry with the most votes.

For more information click here. Good luck!

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