/ 9 things to consider before reopening your workplace

Ever since the majority of the U.S. went into shutdown mode back in March, Domo has been hard at work expanding its product line to help organizations navigate the pandemic intelligently.

After launching what CNBC’s Jim Cramer called “the best coronavirus tracker out there” during an episode of Mad Money, we built an array of new solutions including the COVID-19 Crisis Command Center, an app designed to integrate multiple data sources and give state leaders real-time insights on key metrics through an easy-to-understand dashboard.

Utah, Nebraska and Iowa have all deployed the powerful app, and it’s worked for them in exactly the way it was intended.

“When we saw this [crisis] coming, we knew that speed was critical,” said Kristen Cox, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Management & Budget for the State of Utah. “That means scaling quickly, getting the data quickly, [and] getting the infrastructure in place quickly, so we would be ready to open up the economy in a very responsible way.

“[With the COVID-19 Crisis Command Center], key data is available for all of us to look at. We can see what’s going on with ICUs (intensive care units) all the way down to a county level. It helps us make decisions and become much more surgical about our approach.”

At the same time the aforementioned states were deploying the COVID-19 Crisis Command Center, Domo’s CEO, Josh James, was having conversations with customers who kept asking, “When can we safely get back to work?”

Enter the Get Back To Work Command Center, a solution that allows corporations to protect their most important asset: their people.

The robust app leverages contact tracing data to minimize the spread of COVID-19, temperature data to keep sick people home, and facility processes data to give peace of mind about the safety of a workplace.

Since rolling out that resource, Domo has also developed a guide and launched a virtual workshop series on how to safely reopen the workplace.

As well, we’ve talked with representatives of dozens of companies who are in some stage of workforce reactivation to better understand the challenges of such an initiative, and to get a grasp on what’s working and what isn’t.

In other words, we’ve been heavily involved in this fight over the past five months, and we’ve learned a lot. And all along the way, we’ve taken notes, so that nothing would get lost or forgotten, and we could share all the knowledge we’ve gained in a useful manner.

The result is a checklist of nine things to consider as you plan your return to work. It starts with how to go about deciding on when to reopen, and goes on to cover everything from space planning to communication. To download the checklist so that you too can formulate a foolproof get-back-to-work strategy, click here.

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